St. Matthew Apostle Parish Door-to-Door Neighborhood Evangelization April 22nd 2017.

By HOPe AfricA

Plans for Neighborhood Evangelization concluded, St. Matthew Apostle Parish is stepping up in meeting needs, challenges and complimenting the transformation of South Kansas Cityby private sector, government efforts in bringing more job opportunities than ever while evangelizing three-quarter ¾ mile radius of southeast Kansas City, April 22, 2017, from 9.30 am – 2.30 pm, dispersing from the church premises at 10.00 am CDT. Broadly articulated door to door - house to houseprogram to include safe living, providing exceptional spiritual relationships and alleviatingthe works of law enforcement.

St. Matthew Apostle Parish self-identifies as a warm and welcoming, family-atmosphere community. A Catholic community committed to Jesus Christ, nourished by Eucharist, blesses by Life, and guided by the Gospel. Answering the call to follow Christ as disciples’ challenges us to support one another on our journey of faith and to witness that faith to others. Dedicated to the mission of Christ, we strive to be a worshipping community reaching out, welcoming, and embracing all people. It’s beautiful edifice was initially constructed in 1964 and renovated in 2006, resulting in an award-winning Worship Space, Day Chapel, and Gathering Space, and featuring award-winning liturgical furnishings. St. Matthew architecturally and artistically reflects the current and future diversity of the parish family bearing in mindparishioners’ human comfort in freely practicing faith and communing with God.

A hospitable church with a variety of ministries and opportunities to grow in the Faith, and welcome all who want to deepen their relationship with God to join. To become a registered member of our community, please call the Parish Office.

St. Matthew Parish is a step from your house, a community-neighborhood vibrant Catholic Church located on Longview Road in Southeast Kansas City. Identified as a hardworking, blue-collar, pragmatic community, preferring a simple and comfortable style of worship that addresses needs of all families’ members and the community. Handicap accessibility to all ministries is an important value, as is the patronage of the parish St Matthew, Apostle, and Evangelist. It is determined to leave a lasting impression of the Catholic faith in the minds and hearts of women, children, and grandchildren in a timely manner.

Parochial Administrator Reverend Daniel Gill is fully spirit led in discharging sermons, adequately respects, dignifies all persons and in strict compliance with confidentiality while meeting one-on-one with newcomers with a view of given God’s ears to inquiries and newly found home. For Interview, please contact:

Reverend Daniel Gill Parochial Administrator
St. Matthew Parish
8001 Longview Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64134 US
Phone: (816) 763-0208, (816) 888.5021 Fax: (816) 763-4758

Website: ,
This press release is to notify the entire community and encourage residents to accept parishioners’ short visit. Residents may also find some information at their doors, such as danglers, introduction package, program of events and request to join the Parish. To enable a successful evangelization Claude Sasso, Ph.D. of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph trained St. Matthew Apostle Parish on Some Key ideas for Parish Evangelization on March 27, 2017.

Francis John
St. Matthew Parish Council Member
Kansas City.