You Have The Right To Your Own Religion

By Melanie Miller
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There are many religions and faiths in this world. Which one do you wish to choose? Lots of people believe Jesus is God, while others acknowledge him only as The Son of God. If your comfortable in believing that Jesus is God, then you have that right, to feel so.

There are folks that are Buddhaist, and if acceptable to feel He is a God. There are people that are into Wiccan or Pagan magick, such as I am. No one should condemn anyone for their religious beliefs.

There are so many religions to choose from. I myself perfer to believe there are many gods and goddesses. I feel one has a right to serve whatever deity they wish too.

If you're not a religious person(s) then this is fine, but as long as you're not harming anyone, what's so wrong about becoming or being an Atheist. You have a right, to be one, if you wish to be.

I myself, would prefer to cast Wiccan spells for family and friends and 90 perecent of the time, my magick comes true. I have cast money spells and healing spells for others and they work nearly all the time.

So..if you wish to become of the Wiccan faith, then you have that God-given right to do so. Think for yourself, don't let others mislead you and inforce you to become their faith. Don't feel guilty if you choose a faith different from your husband, family members or friends even, for that matter. You have a right to choose whatever faith makes you feel comfortable.

I used to attend different churches and never felt comfortable attending them, none of them for this matter, and prefer the Wiccan religion out of all the religious churches, I have been too.

I have many wiccan friends, and we chat by email or the phone. Some are well to do folks, while others get by month by month on what they save up, and spend. Some people I know want wiccan books and can not afford to buy them, so I send some of my books to friends, and they return them after reading them. I do not force them to believe in other gods and goddesses. I leave this decicion up to the person(s) reading my books, I sent.

If you feel anyone is making you choose a religion they perfer, you can always tell them, you're not interested in learning about this particular kind of faith, and that you perfer to be of no certain faith. The choice is up to you, whatever faith you decide to become.

There are churches only after your money. There, I said it! True, there are churches like this. And on TV, you hear about people needing money for their bibles, when you can simply go to a consignment store and pay like 1.00 for a bible or less. There is no need to pay tons of money for their bible, it's just a racket is all it is. Don't give into them and feel you must send them your hard earned money.

True...there are some good TV religious shows to watch, but you do not have to believe in their religion and you don't have to fork out a thousand dollars and send to any of them. It is your choice but if I wore you, I would save my money for things you really need, for food, and clothing and shelter cost. Times are tough as it is, and to mail someone a check or money order or credit card on the phone for money you really need is plum rediculous. So all in all, do whatever makes you feel comfortable and if you wish to send a donation to churches this is up to you. You decide what is right in your heart, don't let me tell you what to do, have a mind of your own. You can save your money and buy things you really need, or mail to some church, your income you worked so hard to get in the first place.

Well...I hope my article was helpful to you. You may read this article to a friend, if you wish too, or show it to family members and remember, you have a mind of your own. Go to any church you wish too, or not, it's really up to you! If you feel more comfortable being a Buddhaist or a Wiccan as I said I am, then this is your decision and yours alone. Just be a good person, and this is all anyone can ask of you.

melanie miller