Cleric Urges Muslims to Prepare for Ramadan

By  Nofisat Marindoti, Osogbo

An Islamic Cleric, Ustadh Gboyelade AbdulHameed Sulayman has urged Muslims to start preparing for the blessed month of Ramadan which is just few weeks away.

The Ustadh said this while delivering a lecture titled," Preparation for Ramadan" at the Alhaji Salaudeen Oladejo Memorial Mosque at Osogbo, Osun State on Sunday.

He added that the Prophet would start preparing and keeping his body fit for Ramadan two months before it.

He also charged Muslims to mind their behavior during the holy month, saying the month is an opportunity to mend ones relationship with Allah.

He explained the month contains things and deeds that strengthen ones faith and connect one to Allah.

He asked Muslims to maintain the sacredness of the month and eat less, speak less, laugh less and spend more time in the mosque.

His words,"The month of Ramadan is one in a million, Muslims should make sufficient use of the ample opportunity. We should fear Allah and mend our relationship with him.

"It is highly advisable to finish the Qur'an at least once in Ramadan. But we shouldn't let that be our utmost goal, we should rather concentrate and get the full meaning of the words being read.

"We should fast with our minds, eyes, ears and every other part of our body. We should not just read the Qur'an, we should also strive to act upon it."

Sulayman also charged Muslims to benefit the Society. He argued that apart from worshipping Allah, Muslims must also maintain a cordial relationship with the people in their society irrespective of their religion.

"As Muslims, we must be useful to the society in every way we can. We must be friendly with everybody we come across and act justly and fairly with them."