Crescent Varsity First Class GraduateĀ 
By Idris Katib

Products of Crescent University Abeokuta continue to excel in further studies at home and abroad. This has put to rest insinuations in some quarters that grades in private universities such as Crescent University come cheap as alumni of the institution replicate excellent academic and standing.

Behold! This is another Rofiat who made a first class in Accounting from Crescent University, Abeokuta in 2013 and went ahead to clinch a distinction in Forensic Accounting from the University of Portsmouth,England in 2016. The university had earlier on produced A Rafiat Gawat who made a first class in her BSc mass communication in 2010 and later went to bag another distinction her MSc at Robert Gordon University. Several alumni of the university with similar feats abound from different departments, according to the public relations office.

According to Rofiat Alli, the backcgounding got from her Alma Mater,Crescent University in academic and moral excellence got her a leverage throughout her study in the UK while independent study and seminar presentations have helped her to further develop her skills.

Because of her exceptional brilliance, she was charged with administering lecture notes on Forensic Accounting at the University of Jos,Nigeria during her mandatory one-year national youth service under the tutelage of a professor. Alli became more interested in this area of study which according to her, addresses a wide of issues from many other fields such as evidence gathering in law, data mining, expert witnessing, fraud examination and so forth.

Alli currently works with an audit firm in Ikeja, Lagos.She also manages a blog at www.minisculediary.wordpress.com where stories, poems and articles are posted on relationships and other issues.

On what gives her satisfaction that she ever attended Crescent University,Alli states that " the university has instilled in me a sense of independence and confidence in my own abilities" , noting that because of the sound training she underwent at Crescent University,she approaches students from other universities wheresoever she finds herself and that the university has provided her a solid foundation to stand and build upon.

She expreses satisfaction that the proprietor,Judge Bola Ajibola has been able to achieve his vision of training students in "academic excellence and moral virtue", advising the retainment of willing and enthusiastic lecturers "who can continually deliver the long term vision of the proprietor and the university, in general"

Alli who finished with a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 4.71 at Crescent University, Abeokuta to emerge the best graduating student in the department of accounting also had one of the best dissertations tited "A test for the efficacy of linguistic cues in the detection of deception in 419 Emails" in her department at Portsmouth University.

She is currently working with her professor and project supervisor to publish it in a journal of Psychology and Crime.

Prizes and awards:
i. won a scholarship in my Junior Secondary School, and was amongst the best students through JSS2 to SS2.

ii. The Nigerian Economics Students’ Association (NESA, Crescent University, Abeokuta Chapter) award of ‘Miss Brain Box’ for the year 2013 .

iii. A letter of commendation from Crescent University in 2013, and another from the University of Portsmouth in 2016.

iv. The best Accounting Graduate from Crescent University in 2013.

v. Won the ICAN Diamond Scholarship in 2014, by virtue of my being the best Accounting Graduate at Crescent University,Abeokuta.

vi. Won tremendous cash (and other) rewards in recognition her service to the Department of Accounting at the University of Jos during the national service.

vii. Was appointed as Accounting Graduate Assistant at Crescent University, Abeokuta in 2015.

viii. Wrote one of the best dissertations in accounting department at the University of Portsmouth.