By Ugonna Ufere

I have tried not to get involved in the media gymnastics involving the fiery Pastor of Omega fire ministry, the Muslim-turned Christian Apostle Johnson Suleiman and a Canadian based Nigerian lady, miss Stephanie Otobor for the singular reason that I believe it to be the height of conscientious idiocy on our path for such pettiness to get more media attention than the fact that the govt-sponsored terror group masquerading as the Fulani herdsmen just resumed their murderous activities by slaughtering not less than 10 people in Benue state a day after their chief Patron returned from his 50 day medical leave.

Sadly, there seems to be a group of people who are well mobilised, from all indication, to ensure that Apostle Suleiman is assumed guilty and stripped of all credibility even before his accuser is able to prove any of her allegations. I fear, the objective of this group is informed by anything but altruism.

As a matter of principle, I always stand with the weaker party in any 'conflict' but in this case, Miss Otobor is not even weak not to talk of being the weaker party here. She is no victim of anything either. You cannot publicly admit to being paid millions on different occasions plus a trip around the world just for having unforgettable sexual rendezvous with a man and still claim to be a victim.

No, Ma!
All I see in her is an unscrupulous lying daughter of Adam who is clearly out to achieve just one aim which is to completely strip the Apostle of every iota of credibility as a man of God and present him as a soulless hypocrite. Her motive and the people behind her , represents evil in its darkest form. And this is what bothers me the most.

In almost all her statements, the Stephanie Otobor character has demonstrated how hopelessly malicious her intent is. And for me, motive (intent) is of utmost importance. And the mountain of contradictions, inconsistencies and outright lies in her statement so far is too big to be ignored by any reasonable person.

First, she claimed the Apostle came to her father's house for the marriage introduction. When her father denied this, she did a 1000 degree turn-around and claimed the introduction was done in the office of the Apostle. This particular double-speak is enough to make any man with an ounce of common sense treat the rest of her story with grave suspicion.

She also claimed Apostle Suleiman once walked her down the street to her own hotel somewhere in Naples rather than call a taxi because he didn't want to be seen with her in public. Only a bumbling moron will believe that a man who want to keep his affair with a lady secret would prefer to walk that lady down the street rather than stay in their secret love nest and just call a taxi for the lady.

She said she lost her foetus and bled for a whole year after drinking a substance given to her by the Apostle. Now, I'm just gonna pretend to believe that Canada is now some pre-historic village with no Medicare where anybody could bleed for a whole year with no medical solution to stop the bleeding. I'm even going to pretend to believe miss Stephanie is now like the Biblical woman with the issue of blood to have bled for one whole year. I want to suspend my sense of reasoning and believe all these. I've got one question, though: why has Miss Otobor elected to telling the whole world about the size of the Apostle's dick, how he liked sucking and licking her and releasing his semen on her back, how he liked having 'threesome' etc plus how her case is not blackmail but a breach of contract to marry? Shouldn't she be concentrating on proving the Apostle actually aborted her foetus and almost killed her which is the only criminal case here?

And why is Miss Otobor more interested in forcing the Apostle to honor his supposed marriage promise even after claiming he killed her foetus and made her bleed for a whole year? Should she be blackmailing such a man for 500million or should she be filing charges against him for aborting her baby and almost killing her??

A man aborted your foetus and made you bleed for a whole year but rather than see to it that criminal charges is instituted against such a man, you chose to blackmail him for millions and when you were arrested for the offense of blackmail, you opted to telling us the size of the his dick. You didn't tender any hospital report about your one year issue of blood, you didn't even tender any evidence that you were ever pregnant and lost your foetus. All you were after is letting us know the size of his dick and how he sucked you from head to toe.

Let me even ask: apart from the moral sin of hypocrisy, is there any other crime the Apostle could be accused of ASSUMING it turns out that he had an intimate affair with this lady?? There was no rape. Matter of fact, the lady was paid more than the services she rendered IF her story were to be believed. So, those of you dedicating 8-10 Facebook posts to painting the Apostle as the 2nd Lucifer even when nothing has been established against him, what exactly is in this for you? Why are you hellbent on crucifying the Apostle for an alleged sin which is only against his wife, his church members and his God even IF his guilt is finally established??

According to you, the Apostle made cash transfer running into millions to your bank account on several occasions, he gave you the best sexual experience there is, he even once gave you the whole money he realised from a foreign crusade. Yet, all these monies and sexual paradise weren't enough to gift you with enough honor to allow what happened in the wood to remain in the wood, you still blackmailed him for more millions. I believe that even among thieves, there should be some shread of honor.

You were even common-sensically bankrupt enough to tell the whole world that you were pursuing a breach of 'contract to marry' case against the Apostle. A man who is married? Your T.V lawyer, Festus Keyamo didn't tell you that even in the unlikely event that you could prove such a contract actually exist, the fact that the Apostle is still in a subsisting marriage renders him legally incapacitated to enter into such a contract and as such, no court will mandate him to honor the contract as that would be tantamount to sentencing a man to prison for resisting an illegal arrest.

And despite all your allegations, you have succeded in proving NOTHING so far. You have not even proved that any form of sexual relationship exist(ed) between you and the Apostle. In your treacherous mind, you imagined that your passport being stamped at the same time as the Apostle's proves anything. In other words, all the people who had their Passports stamped the same time as the Apostle's were all sleeping with him.

Only a man whose brain has been producing anti-bodies against itself for decades would pretend not to know that this Otobor lady is being sponsored to do what she is doing and her only aim is just to present Apostle Suleiman as nothing more than an adulterer and permanently shame him into silence. Now, ask yourself: who loses and who gains if Apostle Suleiman is shamed and silenced?

There is a reason Blackmail is considered an offense and it is for this reason that the law treats a murder suspect with more respect than one who wants to use that murder case to blackmail the murder suspect.

A blackmailer doesn't care about public interest. He doesn't care about anyone either. All that matters to him is gaining absolute control over the blackmail victim so he could command him to do just about anything, not excluding murder. With the object of blackmail in his hands, there is no limit to what a blackmailer can get his blackmail victim to do. His victim is his to command. People do unimaginable things just to stop their Blackmailers from going public with whatever it is they have on them.

A blackmailer is not interested in exposing a murderer so that the victim of murder will get justice. No! He only wants to use the murder of an innocent person to control the life of the murderer and get him to carry out some dirty tasks for him and more often than not, some of these tasks are more heinous than the crime of murder for which he is blackmailing his victim but because his victim won't want to go to jail for that first offense of murder, he is forced to play along.

This is why reasonable folks consider blackmailers more of a threat to their society than the people they are blackmailing.

And if ours wasn't such a BROKEN soceity populated by unthinking gossip-hungry horde of idiots, the timing of this Lady's accusation, the inexcusable contradictions in her statements, the fact that she is yet to even prove any of her allegations and the crucial role Apostle Suleiman played in exposing the criminal complicity of a self confessed terrorist financier like El-rufai in southern kaduna genocide, should make us ignore the alleged sin of the flesh on the part of the Apostle and keep our eyes focussed on what this lady is trying to divert our attention from, seeing as she never claimed she was raped.

Don't forget, she is yet to prove any of her allegation against the Edo-born preacher. And the fact that she is more interested in dwelling on inanities like the size of dick and who licks who in bed rather than proving that there was a relationship in the first place and that the Apostle aborted her foetus, speaks volume.

By the way, have you guys heard that another lady who calls herself Queen Esther has appeared, claiming to have tales about Apostle Suleiman's sexual escapades but that she would only talk IF governor Nasir El-rufai of Kaduna state would give her state protection??

This our Queen Esther is not asking for protection from Lagos state governor Ambode. She doesn't want to be protected by governor Tambuwal of Sokoto state. She is not even after Enugu state governor Ugwuanyi's protection.

She wants governor El-rufai's protection. It speaks volume.

Keep waiting for Charles Ogbu to tell you that Obi is a boy while Ada is a girl.

Look not unto Apostle Johnson Suleiman's alleged sin. Look unto his accusers, their backers and their motive. Together, they represent more danger to you than the ALLEGED personal failings of Apostle Johnson Suleman.