Black Lives Matters-Squabble with South Africa Xenophobic Attack at Nigerians…

By HOPe AfricA

It is categorically cleared; black lives don’t matter in South Africa resulting from consistently targeting and massacring: Nigerians, Somalis, Malawians, Pakistanis, Zimbabweans, etc. All deduced from their inhumane characteristics embedded in South Africa youths. In other words, expressing xeno phobic attacks of Nigerians is a serious offense to Federal Republic of Nigerian, Diaspora and entire humanity. Many are forced to ask; could this perpetrated act be South African government and allied instigated. These acts are unbearable, uncontainable, barbaric, uncivilized, to buttress it, black killing blacks in black-owned country and continent.

Again, South Africa has distinguished itself to neocolonialismand racism learned from their founding fathers, their founding fathers they still live with and worship. Yet unable to take the bull by its horn, premature in its actions taking advantage against its fellow blacks. As history has not forgotten apartheid, so will his will not forget xenophobic attack against Nigerians. Hereunder are facts, lessons learned, takeaways, precautionary measures, heroes, etc.

This article is the resultant of folks with commonly felt needs with lineages and compassion to its origin and heritage; analysis of everything that happened in South Africa from time immemorial to date. Ranging from bloodbath apartheid to ongoing xepahnopia, leading to dog - eat-dog. Most certainly, a thought-out masterminded trap against blacks in its own domicile! Like musician James Brown sang, “Say it Loud, Am Black and Proud “, similarly, we wish Nelson Mandela could speak up from the grave; to ascertain these findings and vehemently caution xenophobic attacks, because he knows better. However, Mandala's life story is alive and written everywhere to enlighten the young and upcoming South African youths among others, the new generations that never smelled apartheid, yet engaging in symbolic acts. South Africans need to read if they can read let them read how South Africa was collectively liberated. Worthy to note, It’s a combined concerted effort with Nigeria at the forefront!

There is this proverb reflective of ongoing incidence, when you see a South African in the sun, mind your own business and let go! Otherwise, when the South African are removed the sun to the shade; the South African will fight back after getting comfortable, enjoying accumulated deprivations and privileges, and steps on people's toes; you can't bite the finger that fed you. Notice of warming, other Africans are learning and becoming wiser as to what next if such happens and cannot fold its arms watching again. Once beaten twice shy, giving back and turnaround times are too close for comfort. Even though trusted Mandela sacrificed all his life, suffering, lobbying rallied around Africans, Africans reciprocated, rallied around him, fought for Johannesburg's liberation. Surprisingly, the past and incumbent South African government is yet to address either of these ugly situations out rightly for rebellious gains. After all, the South African government currently measures with lukewarm attitude, before either of the xenophobic attacks. Humanity is therefore convinced, the possibility jobless messengers lost their dignity to the dogs and hiding under shadows. !

Because of South Africans xenophobic attacks, took the time to further research, as such, engaged in reviewed missions of African embassies websites, seeking the definition of citizenry security and protection abroad. Surprisingly, if not all African embassies protection for its citizenry is not mentioned. Except in developed countries websites, such as the United States of America. Yet, Africans and Diaspora contribute immensely to the economies of their home countries. “The World Bank and other development partners have revealed that the total money transfers by African migrants to their region or country of origin surged by 3.4% to $35.2 billion, in 2015. The sum, which includes intra-African transfers, represents 6 percent of total transfers by migrants worldwide to their region or country of origin” Ecofin agency reports. Invariably, Diaspora never gets anything in return from such investments neither have they used investment as a negotiating nor bargaining powers, except such government need to use and dump Diaspora especially at polls.

Nigerians and Diaspora Africans must unite, look beyond being used anymore, must steadfast and continue to lobby for voting rights, form Diaspora political party, etc. With political parties seeking Diasporas support groups, sign memorandum of understanding, seek to be included in the nucleus of the political party, conclusively, bargain a realistic percentage of Diasporas appointments regardless. By so doing and because of knowledge, and living overseas, xenophobic attacks, massive deportations, can be drastically alleviated. Now it’s a known, African embassies are not supportive of its citizenry, however, it is mandatory for citizens to form networks of protection and support for each other in countries, other than original domicile. Form national and international associations, such as group vigilante to carry licensed weapons, such as Blackwater security, Heritage guards, etc. for protection, self-defense, in avoidance of coldblooded murder. Also, get bonded via print, electronic and social media: Facebook, tweeter, Instagram’s. WhatsApp, etc.

We expect nothing from all South African companies based in Nigeria e.g. Multichoice Company, DStv; telecom giant, MTN; and Shoprite to call the South African government to order and start compensating families for the loss of lives and properties in 180 days. Additionally, Diaspora will continue to sensitize Nigerians on how to file class actions for unprovided billed and poor services. Their revenue South Africans companies in Nigeria, put together is over 15.43 billion USD (2015). Hence, they can afford to compensate families for the loss of lives and properties in 180 days. These companies must note, you cannot kill Nigerians, extorting Nigerians for poor services and still cart away with huge profits. One good turn deserves another. This is worth doing, do it Now!

At some point, it could be right to say all these happenings are drumming out to no avail, wondering why and how we are yet to hear or read prompt actions and reactions vis-à-vis from stakeholders. Where are the most trusted in the world to kick-start their respective feelings and condemnations? Regarding South Africans xenophobic attacks, what is going on with United Nations, Human Rights Organizations, International Refugee Agencies, Amnesty International, African Union, etc. in this matter what is their outcomes, only condemnations? Could they be part of this ordeal, afraid to challenge South Africa or because of the most affected and hated Nigerians in a majority. Nevertheless, it's important to also hold them responsible; in expectations of collective stringent measures, without any further delays, because Nigerians are people that deserve same as others. Nigerians must file petitions with all international outlets and countries of domicile, not limited to local and national legislators to congressional representatives and or parliamentarians. Even though our past and current leaders made expensive mistakes (remember, they did it with our colonial masters and international communities, very much among us), we shouldn’t let go. It's our country, together, let's fix it from Diaspora! Go Nigerians - Go Diaspora, Yes youcan!

From ongoing nonentities, Diaspora Nigerians, consider the followings for better living in no man’s land:

  • Avoid living large and running competitions,
  • Avoid negative influences and
  • Avoid all dealings with drugs abuse and smuggling,
  • Avoid all types of crimes, including financial;
  • Be law abiding wherever you domicile,
  • Respect other people’s rights,
  • Save and invest as much as, you can for the raining day (especially in children towards IT),
  • Monitor and ensure embassies is fully functional not only passport and visa issuances.
  • Sort ways of helping and increasing home country,
  • Participate in local, international and government activities,
  • Engage in small business administration, chamber of commerce, City and Townhall meetings,
  • Listen to plenty of news,
  • Fellowship with one another, avoid claiming superiority
  • Engage in extracurricular activities, etc.

All work without play makes jack a dull boy. Nigeria standby and for Blacks must stop hating, killing blacks - Blacks must buy and promote black. Black must celebrate black. If Asian did it. Nigerians can do more, united we stand against all odds and ills!

This article will not be complete without echoing Nigerians contributions to the liberation of South Africa from its years of chronic apartheid: General Olusegun Obasanjo, General Sani Abacha, Sunny Okosun "Fire in Soweto", Chief MKO Abiola, financially, spiritually, morally, musically, politically, assisted South Africa graciously. Ousted and exiled South Africa leaders and key players were hosted in Nigeria, the likes of Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki (educated in Nigeria). From aforementioned contributions, Nigeria gained sanctions from its colonial masters, the British government.

Invariably, it’s foreseen, Nigeria and South Africa haven't enjoyed close relations before now, neither will they with President Muhammadu Buhari. There are no reasons why legal-entry-permit visa-carrying Nigerian immigrants are being humiliated without giving early warning signs and ultimatums. This crack is a part of the larger story of worsening relations between the two countries.

Regrettably, Nigerians are killed and murdered at home and abroad every day, many languishing in jails; to classify emotions, weeping is an understatement to measure any Nigerian life! Where is a safe haven for my people? Why are Nigerians suffering from the means of surplus? Hence, Diaspora Nigerians must not only demand a thorough investigation but call for stringent sanctions in all ways and manners possible including trade embargos and restrictions with ultimatums. Nevertheless, Nigeria must do something now, this a distortion of Diaspora Nigerians to financially help relatives, friends and Nigeria must also fix its country to reduce brain drain and massive immigration.

Francis John
HOPe Africa USA
Kansas City, Missouri