By Anthony Ademiluyi

One trick that the Caucasian liberals have used to perpetually under develop Nigeria and the African continent is to create crisis and then prop up African stooges and puppets years later to offer placebos under the guise of interventions.

Under the ill-fated administration of General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, the structural adjustment programme which was a World Bank/International Monetary Fund creation removed subsidy from two critical sectors of the economy: healthcare and education.

This led to the mass exodus of medical practitioners and academics who found sanity and refuge in western educational institutions thereby permanently turning their back on the land of their birth and nurturing.

The destruction of the manufacturing or real sector was another carefully hatched, sinister agenda of the Bretton Woods Institutions that left the Nigerian youths with miniscule opportunities for legitimate economic advancement.

Barrister Frederick Chijindu Ajudua and Alumile Adedeji popularly known as Ade Bendel were the pioneers of advanced free fraud. The lure of easy money, exotic cars and voluptuous nubile maidens made them instant folk heroes among the highly disenchanted and bitter youths.

The advent of the internet greatly opened up the fraud space and led to the birth of cyber or online crime otherwise known as yahoo yahoo. The activities of these criminals led to the stereotyping of Nigerians as fraudsters which led to humiliating experiences at the airports and nauseating bad international press portrayal.

In 2005, three young Nigerians under the age of 21: Chude Jideonwo, Debola Williams and Emilia Asim-Ita came together to form The Future Awards. The idea was to celebrate the achievements of young Nigerians between the ages of 18 – 31 in divergent fields of endeavour to counter the criminal image that the foreign media was given the most populous black nation on the planet earth.

The rise and rise of Red Media Africa from which The Future Awards later metamorphosed into is a tragi-comedy of how the descendants of the African Chiefs who sold their kith and kin into slavery advance the destructive interests of their fair-skinned overlords while pretending to advance the common good.

Consider these facts carefully and use the reader-response theory to make an accurate and informed judgement.

In 2004, former President Olusegun Obasanjo who was denied the United Nations Secretary-Generalship in 1986 ostensibly because his polygamous nature didn’t make him the right fit made a statement that there were no gays in Nigeria. To immediately counter this assertion, the now defunct New Dawn run by the feminist Funmi Iyanda provided the sturdy platform for Bisi Alimi to come out as the nation’s first openly gay man to imitate a fast rising trend of gay people coming out in the west.

Take note that Chude Jideonwo was a scheduler and a member of staff of the parent organisation that ran the show.

In 2011, when the Nigerian Senate was considering the same-sex marriage bill, the same Chude wrote an article which he captioned ‘Why the anti-gay bill sickens me’ and strategically placed it on the Cable News Network – the largest gay rights backing media organisation in the world. He then went further to grant an interview with Kadaria Ahmed of Straight Talk that his belief in gay rights was deeply rooted and to quote him verbatim ‘I have gay friends; being gay is not a disease.’ Let us not forget that Kadaria Ahmed once worked with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), a gay sympathetic media hub. The both of them were once colleagues in the now rested Next which was founded by Dele Olojede, the first and only Nigerian Pulitzer Prize winner. Who funded his Masters Degree in Postgraduate Journalism at Columbia? It was the gay rights backing Ford Foundation.

As a reward for Jideonwo’s steadfastness to the gay rights struggle, the same World Bank that has been largely responsible for the large-scale misery of third world nations described the annual farcical show as ‘The Nobel Prize for Young Nigerians.’ What a humungous joke!

It is a well-known fact that the soul of the Nobel peace prize has been hijacked by the liberals and used as a gambit to reward their faithful disciples. Gay rights backers like Madiba Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan who are western liberal created ‘African role models’ have been beneficiaries of the prize. Robert Gabriel Mugabe is loathed not necessarily because of the fact that he is a sit-tight dictator but because of his strident opposition to this latest insanity to shred the dignity of man. Obasanjo’s statement which the global gay community found offensive will never make him win the Nobel peace prize despite his statesmanlike roles in his divergent conflict resolutions especially at the level of the African Union.

Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s criminalization of same-sex marriage in 2014 led to a public outcry by the emboldened gay community who then falsely accused him of attempting to use it as a bargaining chip to secure a second term in office. They failed to realise that the presidential assent was thoroughly reflective of the mores and values of the majority of the populace as well as the fact that the gay community were still given the opportunity to air their insidious opinion on the floor of the Senate under the highly commendable leadership of Senator David Bonaventure Alechenu Mark.

In a bid to hoodwink the unsuspecting public that the conversation was shifting, NOI polls revealed in 2015 that more straight people were now opposed to the noble law put in place by Jonathan. NOI is the acronym for Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala who was once a head honcho in the evil World Bank. Why should anybody in his or her right senses trust the skewed polls? ‘Nemo Judex In Causa Sua’ ‘You cannot be a judge in your own cause.’

Having lost in the legislature, the liberals then directed their Nigerian puppets to use the media to get a massive buy in from the ever gullible public.

Enough is Enough founded by Chude Jideonwo but run by Yemi Adamolekun, an LSE and Oxford trained graduate hurriedly put together a seminar on new media and governance with the personal assistant on new media, Bashir Ahmad as the guest speaker. Idris Okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky was subtly planted. It is highly commendable that Ahmad staged a bold and unapologetic walkout as the agenda was to plant in the minds of hapless Nigerians that being gay is now the new normal as the sexual orientation status of Bobrisky has been deliberately shrouded in secrecy so as to elevate him to the level of a mystic. In yet another event organised by the largest gay rights organisation in the country, The Initiative for Equal Rights and Y Naija, the badly discredited, his master’s voice, Dr. Reuben Abati was made the keynote speaker and he didn’t fail to disappoint his ‘new paymasters’ by surreptitiously ‘apologising’ for the sins of his erstwhile principal.

In a decent society, the criminalization of the same sex marriage bill would have led to the immediate proscribing of gay backing organisations like EIE, TIERS, Y Naija etc. What do you expect when a supposed super black power is being ruled by a gang of dunciards apologies to the ever witty Alexander Pope?

Nigerian youths should realise that they are being used as mere pawns by conscienceless Red Media Africa who are laughing like insatiable sharks all the way to the anti-people banks to aggressively promote a culture of death that is capable of totally obliterating them as it is akin to a ticking time bomb.