Bida & Co. vs EFCC

The USA Fraud Victim Reacts
By Donald Latella
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I see that a formal hearing will be heard for the defendants. Myself as the ultimate Plaintiff kindly request that bail not be issued. They defied the law and swindled me out of millions. Why only one million has been set is a crime in itself. I had a $100 M US Dollar instrument out to BIDA and his Banker who I see have managed to avoid prosecution. Main Street Bank employee also was heavily involved in this scam. I had watched 3 of my vessels based on my instrument go to Rotterdam, anchor and then proceed to be sold to NASNEFT Refinery. I lost over $4 million in profit per vessel out of 3 vessels. The current administration promised me justice and 1 million is not what I consider justice. My reputation, Financial Credibility and many relationships were destroyed over what these people did to me.




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