Open Letter to Niger State Governor Alhaji (Dr) Abubakar Sani Bello

By Ibrahim Yahaya
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It is with blossoming personal joy that i put these desperate words to commend your scorecard since assuming office. Permit me sir to bring to your notice the level of satisfaction expressed by Nigerlites on your rare leadership style. It is our hope that greater times lay ahead.

I reckon you will be busy now trying to reach a resolve with some aggrieved Nigerlites over the Bida School of Nursing saga. This is not entirely strange giving the fact that you are an exemplary leader who shares the plights of his people in no small proportion. I remain confident that you'll triumph for never have you fail to circumvent critical issues of state. Having said that, i wish to draw your attention to a very critical issue that merits your touch of magical healing. The issue is that of the loan to be issued to designated micro finance banks within the state to facilitate avenue for economic activities by stakeholders and the poor masses to thrive.

Sir, it would interest you to know about the hysteria that engulfed the poor masses upon the news of funds designated to be disbursed to the state's micro finance banks. Such was the hysteria that many remain in your awe for such moves. However, there are some micro finance banks within the state that were initially disqualified for the issuance of the loans on the grounds of insolvency. For instance, Masoyi Micro Finance Bank Kagara, Kpacharkpa Micro Finance Bank Agwara, Ndegiji Micro Finance Bank Kutigi and the rest. News reached us that out of your sympathy for the poor, you made concerted efforts to reach out to those insolvent and moribund micro finance banks to see how they can be deployed in reaching the poor. And as a result, forensic auditing was conducted through the office of Director General, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs). Pinnacle management consultant oversaw the exercise to completion and have submitted their reports accordingly, with a comforting submission that government's resolve would see them(the moribound micro finance banks) issued the funds within the first quarter of this year; 2017. This move demonstrates your will to place Niger state at the forefront of economic growth.

The economic relevance of your actions cannot be over emphasized. Local beneficiaries are set to obtain respite from economic challenges rocking the country at large. We remain hopeful that your timely intervention at this period of economic travails would score you beyond imagination on the charts of achievement. This is so because it would engage the active poor in the drive of the state's economy to enviable heights.

Also, businesses that have hibernated will be given lifeline, an opportunity destined to put to bed the present economic hardship. It would also curb the redundancy of staff of the moribund micro finance banks whose prowess can be harnessed to navigate the state's economy to greatness. By engaging the default moribund micro finance banks, the aims of the loans granted by the central bank would be achieved. This is because their engagement would facilitate swift, hollistic and even disbursement of the funds to beneficiaries across every nook and cranny of the state.

Sir, the timeliness of your kind gesture couldn't be more appreciated as we approach rainy season. This means that, with timely intervention, the loans can get to farmers at the appropriate time to expedite the state's economic growth. Businesses bereft of sufficient capital would be boosted with the injection of funds derived from the loan. Indeed, the poor masses would have more reasons to appreciate and applaud your relentless efforts of piloting the affairs of the state to enviable feats.

We sincerely hope that this issue would be given considerable attention since your zeal to alleviate poverty and improve living standards remain second to none. May Almighty Allah widen your wisdom, tolerance, determination and potentials to guide us. May he reward you in plenitude as you seek to better our lives. Thank you sir.