Woman Who Suffered Community Attack Over Witchcraft Allegation CriesFor Help

By Joe Eno

The 44-year-old woman Ms. Mercy Ekwere from Edo Esit-Eket, Nigeria who was attacked by a mob has cried out for support so as to help to take care of her medical treatment, feeding and a place to live. The Nigerian charity worker and President/founder of the Child’sRight and Rehabilitation (CRARN) Mr. Sam Itauma disclosed this yesterday in a Facebook post. He said the lady was very grateful for the outpour of sympathy she received since she was attacked by her community.

Mr. Itauma stated:
“Yesterday, I had the unique opportunity of speaking on phone with Ms. Mercy Ekwere, the woman who was put through a horrendous attack by Edo community in Esit Eket, Nigeria. Ms. Ekwere said she was delighted to know that people around the world were sympathetic to her plight and expressed appreciation to the various people who called to console her and condemned the cowardice attack on her.

“She said she was amazed to realize that there were people in this world who did not support attacks on people accused of witchcraft.

“Mercy, who suffered fracture and dislocation on her hands and neck, appealed for support from people around the world to come to her aid. She said even though she becomes healthy again, she would not be able to go back to her village where she has a mini vegetable farm because the villagers were bent on killing her, especially since a brother to the child whose death caused the attack on her has just died too.

Mr. Sam Itauma whose organization’s children refuge, the CRARN Children Centre in Eket gave Ms. Ekwere a temporary refuge, said the woman was living in constant fear of her life and has vowed not to go back to her community for fear of another attack even as the brother to child whose death prompted the assault on her died two days ago.

“The lady who is now gripped with fear of the unknown was asked if she now believed that witchcraft did not exist. She said that alone she did not know and could not tell because since she was born, nobody has ever told her that witchcraft does not exist…The recuperating lady said she was really concerned about the health situation of her eleven-month-old child who was with her estranged husband, as her health was not really stable as at the time she was driven out of the house due to the witchcraft stigma.” Itauma narrated

Ms. Ekwere

Ms. Ekwere tortured for allegedly killing a child with witchcraft

Ms. Mercy Ekwere attacked by community of unfounded witchcraft allegation