Stop Almajiri Child Abuse /Practice in Nigeria

Source: Dr. Peregrino Brimah and Mohammed Sabo Keana

"Addressing the Almajiricin is an essential element of insecurity crisis in Northern Nigeria"

The Almajiri, scholarship migrant culture is an increasingly pressing concern in Northern Nigeria.

Nigeria is listed among nations with highest out of school children (about 8 million of these are Almajiri children)

There are an estimated 9-10 million Almajiris in the north at any given time.

The practice involves sending children to other States and nations for Islamic studies . the system is often without any form of regulation

* The children are being denied a fair chance to start in life

* Most of the children do not receive a formal education.

* Many children are sent from an age of 4 years and are left at the mercy of the community they are sent to .they beg for alms everyday before they could eat .

* Almajiri children live in some of the shabbiest conditions imaginable.

* There are next to no jobs or opportunities for Almajiri adults in the increasingly challenging and competitive world. This makes Almajiris prime target for RADICALISATION .

Borno sate , epicentre of Boko Haram has 1 million Almajiris, most of the Boko Haram members are Gullible youths who are technically illiterates and have been largely abandoned by society and are not home raised are a known pool for recruits for banditry and terrorism. The Almajiri system apart from depriving Nigerian children of its future leaders ,is constantly being in violation of the Child’s rights act is a most pressing concern in today’s Nigeria with the challenge of radicalism and terrorism.

Addressing the Almajiricin is an essential element of insecurity crisis in Northern Nigeria. it also a human rights issue affecting the rights of children.The Almajiri system may be said to have outlived its usefulness. Reforms with “Almajiri schools” have not had a meaningful impact on the culture. We intend to use this petiotion to generate an advocacy outreach about the plight of Almajiri children and to rally the local and international community to impress it on the Government and the Northern Leaders to take a stand and amend and enforce policy in addressing of this practice. In specific terms

*We demand that the Government enforces integrated training schools only with the children living with their parents and if boarding, for all such boarding institutions to be Government certified and able to provide standard lodging, feeding and clothing for children who must no longer be driven as slaves, begging on the streets.

* We demand the adoption and roll out of the Child Rights Act in all the States of NE and NW Nigeria

*We demand the full implementation of the Universal Basic Education (UBEC) Act in NE and NW Nigeria, including the requirement of free, compulsory basic education for all children.

*We demand that the current Almajiri System as its currently constituted be suspended / stopped completely as it has outlived its usefulness.

It is time we End the Almajiri Child Abandoment. Every child deserves EDUCATION AND A BETTER LIFE .

This petition will be delivered to:

  • Nigerian government
  • Nigerian National Assembly