Source: Tosin Akindele.

While sparing myself the needless stress of recounting every incident of Islam-motivated and Islam-inspired terrorism, it is crystal clear that this religion has come to be intimately and intricately associated with gruesome nerve-racking violence!

Whilst Islam is just one of the major religions on the globe, its adherents had arrogated to themselves the inglorious role of wiping western doctrines, ideological bents and domination from the face of the earth.

It is noteworthy that as hijab-clad women bedeck themselves with suicide bomb belts and babies in Nigeria and presumably elsewhere, Islamic authorities on a global scale have not deemed it wise to take cogent steps to wipe out the mindset and induced hate that propels every Muslim to gain converts using all his earthly resources in the name of Allah and gaining al Jana in the process!

Without pretences, this religion still subjugates women as we speak...requiring that they do not drive in Saudi Arabia or be escorted in this day and age! Gruesome beheading of fellow humans and limb amputations go on as we speak for offenses as obtuse as blasphemy and insult of the Koran or the prophet. These guys would gladly chop off your head with the least of provocations!

The rest of us cannot say anything against Mohammed or put a face to mere illustrations of stories around him without a Fatwa being pronounced on us! Muslims even expect us non-muslims, to add salalau asalam or PBUH..."peace be unto him"...every time we mention the name of Mohammed...lest they accuse us of deliberate insult to him!

We are more aghast when they remind us that other religions were equally associated with forceful conversion and violence to unbelievers in ages past! Well, we are now in modern times!

Islam needs urgent rejigging and the Koran needs to be the Bible had been, over the ages! There are just too many wrongs in that book that are furiously out of tandem with the tenets of modern living and civil coexistence! And there is no point insisting that the Koran was passed down by Allah! People do good, command a retinue of followers to whom they announce their calling. So it's all ado about claims!

If Trump's directive is truly applied, it should bar from entry into the US...leaders of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Indonesia, the entirety of North Africa plus the rest of Muslim Africa and so on.

Teresa May may scream and yell as she likes but her passion to save her people may pale in comparison to Trump's!

President Donald Trump has the onerous duty to protect his people from harm...

The association of Islam with violence is a recurring decimal. It is not some mere happenstance and the sane world is not persuaded by mere mouthing of "Islam is a religion of peace"!

Let the Muslims of the world talk to themselves. Let them quarrel and fight among themselves if need be...if the good ones are truly ashamed and utterly scandalized by the image the terrorists among them are giving them.

With Islam configured as it is at present and Muslims with current mindsets, they cannot claim any right to move freely among, or live among civilized people of the world.

I support Mr Trump on this one...
Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.