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By Alexander Opicho
William Ruto, Kenyan Deputy President
William Ruto, Kenyan Deputy President

There has been hypothetical claims that Kenyan man have fear towards women of their class, but they are the leading in the world when it comes to abusing the helpless poor women like students and receptionists, now it is a practical theory that Kenyan men don’t go for ladies of their class as evinced in the case of the deputy president of Kenya Mr. William Ruto who has now accepted to have used office as a member of parliament for eldoret north to have Extra-marital sexual relations with Prisicah Bett that was then student at Uasin Gishu high school in 2006.He sired a child out of this relationship and later on declined to take care of the child and the mother.

In spite of all these Mr. Ruto went on to become the Deputy President of Kenya seven years later. Reliable sources still show that Mr. Ruto has had several sexual relationships outside his marriage with high school students, College students, women musicians and nominated women politicians as well as civil servants. This happens on the cultural background of social patriarchy in Kenya and political culture of strong man. The basis for this observation is that Mr Ruto became the deputy president of Kenya while facing criminal charges of rape, forceful eviction of communities, murder and crime against humanity at the international criminal court at the Hague. But the electoral organs in Kenya cleared him for contest to this highest political office; he won the then elections in 2013 through tribal sentimentality and rigging, a vice which makes Kenyan version of post-fact or post truth.

Chapter six of the Kenya Constitution gives a guide to the electoral contest for public office by requiring that all persons must pass morality tests and criminal liability tests before he or she can be cleared for nomination into candidacy for state office.Surprisingly, Mr Ruto has been occupying the state office under the full light of his poor state of morality, criminal involvement and mega-corruptions. He is now facing a criminal proceeding for child neglect; he was mentioned as the hand behind brutal murder of Jacob Juma, John Kitui, Meshach Yebei and Mark Too. But due to the culture of political impunity as upheld by the Jubilee government in which Mr. Ruto is a deputy president no reliable investigations were carried out in a professional manner to settle the claims.

By; Alexander Opicho
From Lodwar, Kenya

True success begins in the heart before materialisation.
By: Ayami Dennis