National Protest: APC Blast Tuface, Calls Him Hypocrite

By Ekene Clinton

Our attention has been drawn to efforts by a hypocritical character,

called 2face Idibia to lead a national protest against the APC

government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.
Ordinarily, we would have maintained our silence like any other

socio-political organisations in the country, but because we have

better information that the so-called 'Tuface-Protest' is a

self-serving protest with Satanic agender other than national interest

as he has made some gullible Nigerians to believe, we are therefore

compelled to expose the hypocritical nature of 2face Idibia, a man who

has never sacrificed anything for Nigeria and the nation's

entertainment industry which he has destroyed.
Tuface Idibia has been in the entertainment industry since 1997 making

all the money and fame without bothering to help the younger ones to

rise to fortunes.
Tuface Idibia was of the Plantation Boys formed and financed by Black

Face, but when luck smiled on him, 2face Idibia betrayed both Black

Face and Faze, the two remaining groups that were members of the

Plantation Boys. Even at the trying times of Black Face to the extent

that he could not pay his rent in Lagos, 2face Idibia with all his

wealths never cared and refused to help his first benefactor.

Tuface has never raised his voice against unhealthy and immoral

practices in the entertainment industry which is his immediate

environment, instead, he kept quite and benefited from it without

minding it's moral and economic burden.
With many ilegitimate children all over the country, Tuface as the

image carrier of sexual immorality and greed has inflicted

psychological and moral pains on many homes in Nigeria without anybody

protesting against him.
If the so-called protest against Buhari government is the idea of

Tuface Idibia, we challenge him to a live debate on National TV to

tell Nigerians the area of our party's policy he is not comfortable

We therefore call on all Nigerians especially the youths not to

participate in the so-called National Protest.
Mr. Collins Edwin A,
National Secretary,
APC Youths Renaissace
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[email protected]