In my unquenchable desire to get to the root cause of why the popular but notorious kidnapper and Armed Robbery Kingpin, Henry Chibueze, Alias Vampire, escaped from the Owerri High Court on the 27th of January 2017; I have been able to un-earth more facts.

Recall that I first broke the news of Vampire’s escape on the Internet before others followed suit. I followed it up with a comprehensive article entitled – VAMPIRE THE GREAT, IMO JUDICIARY AND THE SOCIETY (See attached), which was released on Monday the 30th of January 2017, also on the Internet.

Let me at this point State that I am aware that issues of Vampire Henry Chibueze is of very serious security concern, and therefore know the consequences and implications of the information I am making

available to the public. As a concerned citizen, I cannot because of the nature of the case involving Vampire Henry Chibueze recoil in my timidity. It is not possible because I am a warrior. I have therefore decided to be at the

fore-front of this matter, to find out what really happened and why it happened. Of cause because I move about with the glory and power of Almighty God, I can do all things, without any fear.

The arrest and parade of Vampire Chibueze Henry in July 2015 by the operatives of the Department of State Security, Imo State actually ruffled some feathers in Imo State, South East and the Country in general. Some political and business leaders were not comfortable that he was arrested and paraded. They had wished he was arrested and

quietly killed, without drawing the attention of the public: especially the press.

Although his nickname is Vampire, he is also popularly called “ONYE NA WAY YA”. Infact, ‘’ONYE NA WAY YA’’ is his main nickname, while the nickname VAMPIRE was reportedly given to him by the political and business leaders he worked for, due to his dexterity in shedding blood and executing deals for them.

Vampire Henry Chibueze alias ‘’ONYE NA WAY YA’’, is reportedly a very ruthless fellow. He is very strong and his ability to recruit men and materials to execute any assignment is legendary. I believe security

agencies in Nigeria already have this information. Vampire’s eventual arraignment in Court and remand at the Owerri

Federal Prisons later in 2015 provided a platform for his sponsors (who are the political and business leaders) to plan on how they would kill him, so that he would not reveal anything or mention name or names in the cause of his trial. At the Owerri Federal Prisons, he was put in I WARD 1 cell. But few weeks later, something dramatic happened. A high powered delegation reportedly led by a high profile police officer from the Imo State Police Command (name withheld by me) visited the Owerri Federal Prisons to see Vampire. He met and discussed with Vampire in a particular office (name withheld by me).

After holding discussions with Vampire, the high profile police officer left the prisons. He was reportedly an emissary. Because Vampire allegedly did not agree to the terms presented to him by the high profile Police Officer, he was moved from I WARD 1 cell to the punishment cell, located within the prison yard.

The punishment cell was built or created for inmates who commit internal crimes within the prison premises like, stealing, homosexuality, use of phone, fighting, smoking of Indian hemp etc. Vampire committed no internal crime, yet he was sent to the Punishment cell. Perhaps, the game plan was to break his spirit, and for him to accept the terms presented to him by the High profile Police Officer. Vampire reportedly spent three months at the punishment cell; before he was moved to C WARD 11 cell. After few months at the C WARD 11, he was moved to E WARD cell, otherwise called NEW BUILDING CELL.

Prisons inmates are always provided with beddings and foams but Vampire was not given any. He was reportedly sleeping on the floor until he provided one for himself. Clearly Vampire got the message that he was not safe. He knew that he was in danger, and reportedly told some people in the prison yard so. He was also banned from seeing his visitors for some time before the ban was lifted.

To crown it all, more warrants was brought to him at the Prisons, which he refused to sign on. All these made him to start thinking of how he would free himself. As he was planning on how to free himself, the political and business leaders who he did dirty “runs” , were reportedly also planning on how to kill him or at least perpetually keep him in prison awaiting trial custody.

These business and Political leaders knew that Vampire would surely open up by mentioning their names and giving details of their involvement in his activities. His case was later assigned to High Court 3 headed by Justice Ikpeama. But it was a mere formality. It was a smokescreen meant to deceive members of the public who have been

following the Vampire Saga. Most times the Judge (Justice Ikpema) would not be on sit, and the case would be adjourned to a new date. At times, when Vampire appeared in court; when it would be time to mention his case, Hon. Justice Ikpeama would reportedly adjourn for the day; but not without asking him, “Are you Vampire”? Of course

people inside the court (High Court 3) would erupt in hilarious laughter. Imagine a high court Judge playing with a criminal matter in his court. TUFIAKWA!

The day Vampire took his plea was more dramatic. He took his plea sometime in August 2016. After the High Court 3 clerk read out the charges against Vampire, and followed it up with “Are you Guilty or not Guilty question”, Vampire responded, “ I NO DEY GUILTY OOOO”. On the spur of the moment, everybody in the court that day reportedly erupted into a very long laughter, including the Judge himself, the clerk, Police men around, Vampire himself, lawyers in the court, and indeed other people in the court. Imagine a suspect entertaining the

Court with sarcasm.
Reportedly convinced of the conspiracy against him, Vampire allegedly opened up to some inmates, prison officials and his visitors on his discussion with that High Profile Police Officer who visited him earlier. He reportedly informed them that the high Profile police officer was an emissary and that he was sent to come and plead with

him not to open up on his criminal cases; promising that he (Vampire) would be granted Amnesty secretly and be released through their contacts and powerful connections in high quarters. But Vampire was said to have rejected the offer describing it as a Greek Gift, arguing with the high profile Police officer that if the people who sent him (the police officer) were serious, sincere, genuine and honest in their request, they would not have allowed him to be paraded in the first place, before charging him to court and remanding him in prison

custody thereafter.
It was at this point that Vampire reportedly took a decision to contact his boys scattered all over the country and allegedly informed them of his plot to escape either from the Prisons or from the Court premises. Vampire actually (allegedly) started planning his escape in October 2016. He reportedly vowed to expose the political and business

leaders once he succeeded in making good his escape.

On Friday 27th of January 2017, when his case was to come up for hearing, over 30 of his boys were reportedly in Owerri, the State capital to forcefully and violently effect his escape. While some of them allegedly drove into the court premises to take position, others reportedly positioned themselves along Orlu road (facing the Court), the remaining boys reportedly positioned themselves along Bank road. So when Vampire and other inmates numbering about 53 arrived the court in the Black Maria vehicle, alighted and walked to the pavilion stand, his boys in the court premises allegedly dressed like lawyers and DSS officials struck. And there were no resistance from the Army, Police, Prisons Arms Squad and the Civil Defence already in court. Rather, they all took to their heels. Perhaps, if there had been resistance or any form of confrontation from our security operatives, there would have been heavy casualties in Owerri that day.

Now that he has successfully made his escape, it is obvious that Vampire Henry Chibuez Alias “ONYE NA WAY YA” will make good his threat of exposing and naming the sponsors of his numerous criminal activities. Hence, the current tension in the country today. Hence, the political class is in disarray. He has beaten them to their game.

In Imo State, majority of the populace now see or view Vampire as a hero, a great man and indeed a Warlord who took his destiny in his own hands, damming the consequences.

I am therefore calling on the Inspector General of Police to dispassionately investigate this matter with utmost, and make his findings public. His findings will not only shock him but also shock Nigerians. I shed no tears for anyone involved in criminal activities.

Let me at this point condemn in its entirety the current actions of the Imo State Judiciary led by Hon. Justice Paschal Nnadi. It is a shame that the Hon. Justice Paschal Nnadi led Judiciary has continued to wallow from one judicial desecration to another. What do I mean? Since Monday the 30th of January 2017 (JUST THREE DAYS AFTER VAMPIRE AND HIS BOYS STRUCK), no court has treated any criminal matter. Inmates of Owerri Federal Prisons have now been made the scapegoat of Vampire’s escape. For goodness sake, there are also innocent Awaiting Trial Inmates facing criminal charges. Why are they now being turned back in the court? This is an unwritten directive by the leadership of the Judiciary. It appears the Chief Judge is tired of the position he is occupying.

No wonder he does not always sit in his court. He is a true definition of an ABSENTEE JUDGE. He is a confirmation of a TRUANT JUDGE.

Let me warn finally; if the Chief Judge of Imo State, Hon. Justice Paschal Nnadi does not want to sit up and face his job squarely, we will sit him up by exposing all his activities in the judiciary in the last 30 years. If he does not want to sit up, then we will remove him because we have the capacity to do so. If Federal Judges could be

exposed, humiliated, arrested and docked due to corruption, there is no reason a Chief Judge with similar and indeed the same characteristics cannot face the same music. Let me not go further than this.

In conclusion, let me state that Vampire Henry Chibueze “Alias ONYE NA WAY YA” is our son and brother. He grew up in the Nigerian Society and Environment. He is a product of the corrupt, rotten and crime

infested system. We trained him to become what he is today. So we should stop complaining. We should rather bow our heads in shame. Hmmmmm, yeye dey smell. I rest my pen

Hon. Citizen (Dr) Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, FCAI, MKDA

Former Senior Special Assistant on Media
Immediate Past Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties.

Imo State House of Assembly
Owerri Imo State Nigeria.
1st February 2017.

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