Nobody Can Stop Our Missile Tests – Iran

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SAN FRANCISCO, February 01, (THEWILL) – The Islamic Republic of Iran has said that it would not end its missile programme and it would not allow any foreigner interfere with its defence affairs.

This was declared by Iranian Defence Minister, Hossein Dehghan, on Wednesday while confirming that the Islamic Republic tested a new missile.

He said that the new missile test did not contravene the country's nuclear accord with world powers neither was it against the UN Security Council resolution endorsing the accord.

“The recent test was in line with our plans and we will not allow foreigners to interfere in our defense affairs,” Dehghan said.

“The test did not violate the nuclear deal or the (U.N.) resolution 2231.”

This is the first time Iran is testing a missile since Donald Trump took over as President of the United States of America inspite of promises by Trump, during his campaign, to end Iran's missiles programme.