By Yahoo7

The 7 Division of the Nigerian Army general court marshal sitting in Maiduguri has sentenced two soldiers L/Corporal Hassan Adamu and L/Corporal Chigiozie Egbe to various jail terms.

The President of the general Court Marshal, Brigadier General Olusegun Adeniyi who passed the sentence said that the court found L/corporal Hassan Adamu guilty of Manslaughter and sentenced him to 7 years imprisonment subject to the confirming authorities.

The court also sentenced L/corporal Chigozie Egbe to 14 months imprisonment for desertion subject to the confirming authorities.

L/Corporal Hassan Adamu was charged with the murder of one Umar Alka who was shot dead on 23rd December 2015 along Amadu Bello way in Maiduguri. 12 exhibits were tendered during the trail, while 8 prosecution witnesses gave evidence.

L/Corporal Cghigozhe Egbe was charged with desertion and loss of a rifle and some ammunition when his unit was attacked on 5th August 2014 in Gwoza.

He was said to have abandoned his unit and travelled to the eastern part of the country for 272 days in which period he was declared Missing In Action (MIA).

L/Corporal Chigozhe was also accused of losing one rifle, 3 magazines containing 30 rounds of ammunitions each and 120 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunitions. He has been in detention since July 2015 before his sentence.

Barrister Mike Kebonkwu (Esq) and Barrister Babagana Zannah (Esq) were defense counsels to the convicts, while Major Y Galadima was the Judge advocate during the trail.