Trump put words into action, deports 90 back home to Somalia

By per second news

President Donald Trump Wednesday in Washington started a process that will reshape U.S immigration policy by adding hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to deportation list and building a wall on the Mexican border via executive order.

“The secretary of homeland security, working with myself and my staff, will begin immediate construction of a border wall,” the US president said to applause at the Department of Homeland Security. “So badly needed. You folks know how badly needed it is as a help.”

Reports in Washington also revealed that no fewer than ninety Somali immigrants who either ran afoul of U.S. law or had their asylum applications rejected have been deported to the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

Somalia's ambassador to the United States, Ahmed Isse Awad said that all of them had been in detention centers or prisons.

"Most of them are people whose asylum cases [were] denied through [the] legal immigration process, and others broke the U.S. law and had received final orders for removal from courts in the United States," he said.

The flight carrying the 86 men and four women landed at Mogadishu's Aden Adde Airport on Wednesday after stopping in Nairobi to drop off two Kenyan deportees. It was not clear from where the flight originated or who had chartered the plane.

Mohamed Isma'il, a member of the staff at the airport, said a number of the deportees appeared gloomy and haggard.

"Some of them were happy and smiling, but most of them were very sad," he said. "A few of them had bags with their belongings."