Obasanjo, Jonathan hold closed-door meeting

By The Citizen

Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday paid a private visit to former President Olusegun Obasanjo at his country home in Coker/Ibogun Local Council Development Area of Ogun State.

Jonathan was said to have arrived in Ibogun-Olaogun, the village where Obasanjo was born, around 12:00pm, and went into a closed-door meeting with him which lasted for about one hour.

While thanking his guest for finding time to visit him in his 'village', Obasanjo called on all Nigerians to always work to lift the country up at all times to the height God had created it to be, adding that God did not make a mistake by bringing all the different tribes that make up Nigeria together as one.

He said, 'Nigeria is a good country and we must never be tired of lifting the country up to the height that God has created it to be.

'God did not make a mistake when he put all of us together and if He didn't want us to be together, no power in the world would have made us come together.'

Speaking further, Obasanjo said that now was the time for Africa and the whole of humanity to benefit from the experiences of both himself and Jonathan, being former presidents of Nigeria.

He said, 'Someone like you and I who have the grace of God to bow out gracefully have residual responsibilities to Nigeria.

'I believe that not only Nigeria, but also West Africa and Africa and indeed the world will continue to tap into our experiences, our wisdom and I hope and pray that when the call is made to you, you will be more than ready to put your experience, the lessons you have learnt, into the service of this country, Africa and indeed humanity in general.

'I have said to you before and I will say again that there are plenty of opportunities out there, within the country, West Africa, Africa and indeed the larger world where people would want you to make contributions.'

After the closed-door discussions, Obasanjo took Jonathan on a tour round his village before returning back to his compound.

Jonathan, however, did not disclose the subject of their discussions when approached by journalists as he took his leave.