Friends Forever

By Melanie Miller

You are my dearest friend and soul mate.
You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
I can honestly say, that I shall love you for all eternity.

We shall ride those storms together, we shall climb those mountains so high.

We shall soar in those skies at night.
Yes, we shall take a magical flight to paradise.
Just you and I will be the best of friends, and we'll never bicker or fight.

We will always talk nice to one another, and tell all our troubles to each other.

We will go on picnics, fly a kite or take walks in the parks together.

We can work on a jigsaw puzzle, read to one another, a poetry book.

With one look, we fell in love, and we sang to each other our own little songs.

We get along so well, and I can tell, we will always be friends forever, and forever more.

We will smile at each other's jokes, and even if we do not find them that funny, we will still laugh,

and when we fall down, on the ground..we will pick one another up, brush off the soot, and dirt,

and laugh til it hurts.
We won't critisize one another's faults or wrong doings, and will look into one another's eyes, and realize..

that we are the best of lovers and friends and we'll always be there for each other, through thick and thin.

So know this, my dear friend, and I shall say it again.."we will always know each other and care for one another and we'll always be the best of friends forever more!"

the end...