Where Shall I Go?

By Melanie Miller
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Where shall I go..
now that you're gone?
What shall I do, knowing you will never return.
You are in a much better place now, I feel..
and in heaven you can see me.
I look into the yonder blue sky, and realize, as I wipe a single tear,

from my eye..that you are looking down at me from above.

You wore so full of love for me, and admiration.
You cared for me deeply, this much I know.
We grew up together as best friends and then man and wife.

You wore and still are my whole life.
I cherish you, and shall forever cherish you til' I parish and leave this earth.

You are worth loving and being true and loyal too.
There is none other like you, and no one can hold a candle to you, my sweet man.

I will always and forever adore and love only you alone..

And whilst I am alone at home, I will look at your pictures, that I have taken out of my chest,

and feel blessed, just knowing you loved me and me alone as well.

And one day, I shall see you once again and we will be in love even stronger then we wore in real life.

So think of me my darlin' and I shall think of you at all times...

until we meet once more on those sandy shores of a time gone past, and kiss one another and hold one another,

on the beach and then we shall soar to the heavenly doors..once again we will fall in love and forever more, be best of friends,

and lovers.

the end...