Jonathan Deserves Some Respect – Dickson Tells Buhari’s Government


BEVERLY HILLS, January 16, (THEWILL) – Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State has stated that the contributions of former president, Goodluck Jonathan, to peace, stability and smooth transition of power should earn him respect and decorum from the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

This was as he called on those behind the recent invasion of the family house   of the Jonathans in Abuja to tread softly and treat the former first family with decorum and respect they deserve.

Speaking during an interactive session with some media executives at the weekend, the Governor asserted that the perceived persecution of the family of Jonathan is sending the wrong signal and painting a wrong picture of the anti-corruption campaign of the present administration.

Clarifying that he is not the spokesperson for the immediate past president, he said, “President Jonathan is from my state and  no doubt  an elder brother. Someone we regard as a leader and former president of our country deserves every respect and to be given a fair treatment even as the private citizen that he has now become.”

Dickson continued, “As President Jonathan said, we need to be careful about commenting on some of these processes because a number of them are just unfolding, a number of them have not really been taken to their logical conclusion for things to be proven in one way or the other so we should be very careful about that.

“Talking generally now not just about President Jonathan and his family, I feel that the perception that some of the policies of the present government are selective or are targeted at some persons or some sections is  inimical to a number of reforms that the federal government is pursuing and that is not helpful; that perception should be addressed.

“It may just be a perception and probably it is not real but perceptions are also as important as realities. That should be addressed. Like every leader, he and his family should be treated with decorum and respect that he rightly deserves. Let us see how things play out, there should be less sensationalism.

“This country with time will appreciate the kind of sacrifice and service that Jonathan's presidency gave. Jonathan as a person tried his best and particularly in the area of  the use of power and Authority. He never used his public authority to harm anybody and the democratic process.

“You can see what is happening in Gambia now, Gambia is in crisis and for some of us when with time our memoires come out people will know some of the difficult decisions that people had to take in the national interest.

“I am somebody who believes that leaders should be respected generally. We can disagree, in fact we need to disagree more and agree with some of the difficult decisions that people had to take in the national interest. I am somebody who believes that leaders should be respected generally.

“We can disagree, in fact we need to disagree more and agree in the common national interest but in doing so, we treat each other with respect, treat even citizens with respect, people in opposition parties with respect, people who do not share your political views with respect, people with a different ideology with respect, people who do not belong to your religious denomination or faith with respect.

“In the end what should matter to us, and I think that is why we miss it in this country, is our common humanity first and then our shared heritage as Nigerians if we are indeed a nation because that is what creates a nation. Nation building is not something that comes overnight, we need to all make sacrifices, learn from our mistakes and leaders are not perfect. What is important is underline the ideals of respect for one another, tolerance and if there are issues those issues need to be handled by the appropriate institutions. That way we address those perceptions.

“I don't think we have an alternative, I continue to do so much to maintain peace, stability and order in Bayelsa even though some people at the federal level prefer to see me as a PDP governor. After elections party platforms take the backseat. After elections we should be talking about service delivery, we should be talking about the people, we should be talking about the country, that is the right attitude.

“You don't carry partisan divides forward after election because after elections we should be governing and we have shared responsibility for law and order, we have shared responsibilities for impossibilities to work for the stability of this country and Nigeria cannot be stable until every state in Nigeria is safe and stable. No state can be safe and stable until every community, local government or ward is safe.

“A governor's first duty is law, order and security; that means sometimes overlooking a lot of things, that means doing things differently, even playing politics differently to create that atmosphere of stability. It is incumbent on those  in charge of the federal government to know that when elections are over  party differences dies and we  all support the peace, security and development of the country.”