Group slams Gov Muhammed A.Abubakar over attempts to blackmail, ridicule and subsequently expel Sen Ali Wakili from APC

By John Akevi
Gov. Muhammed Abubakar
Gov. Muhammed Abubakar

The Ali Wakili Media Support Team (AWMST) has said the recent attempts by Governor Muhammed Abubakar and his cohorts to tarnish the image, integrity and expel Sen Malam Ali Wakili from the All Progressive Congress (APC) was illegal and uncalled for.

In a press statement issued in Bauchi on Wednesday signed by the Director General, Citizen John Akevi and the Secretary, Danjuma Muhammad, the Group reiterated their position that Sen Ali Wakili remains a committed member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and has nothing to do with the issue of anti-party as been alleged. The group described Governor Abubakar as a “political irritant” who was aggrieved because of the rising political profile of Sen Mal Ali wakili and therefore decided to visit his political frustration on him.

The statement reads: “We wish to draw the attention of the general public to this nuisance called, known and addressed as Governor Muhammed Abdulkadir Abubakar the interim governor of Bauchi state who has gone completely berserk by trying to cast aspersions on the integrity of our revered leader Senator Malam Ali Wakili mni".

"Though we do not find it strange that Governor Muhammed Abubakar is spewing barefaced lies and concocting malicious falsehood aimed at besmirching and/or assassinating the character of Sen Ali wakili whom he imagines as his adversaries; because of his relevance in the political scheme of things as well as the fact that he (Ali Wakili) has distinguished himself as a force to reckon with in the fight against bad leadership in the state".

"He is the targeted because he have worked assiduously to arrive at were he is today; voice of the oppressed politicians; defenders of democracy; crusader for enthronement of genuine democracy and good governance".

"We thank God for the giant leap, and for disgruntled elements who are myopic in their thought to think that the best to silent Sen Mal Ali Wakili is using instruments of power; it is an exercise in futility and a wild goose chase".

“Governor Muhammed Abubakar is an ingrate of the highest order. This is a man who was totally unknown and was never in any political equation of APC in the State, he did not belong to any of the original blocks that formed the party (APC) but emerged the party’s flag bearer through the back door and since been challenged in the Supreme Court".

However, to put the records straight and expose the tissue of lies

being maliciously woven by Governor Abubakar and his partners in crime, the Ali Wakili Media Support Team truthfully repeats here;

“For the umpteenth time, Sen Mal Ali wakili remains a committed

member of the ruling APC and he is not in any way tangible

connected to any anti-party as being alleged. Gov Abubakar has made spurious allegations about Sen Alcre nursing governorship ambition for 2019.

“In our opinion as a Media Support Team a group loyal to the political cause of Sen Mal Ali Wakili, it will be a welcome development if indeed Sen Mal Ali Wakili decides to contest for the governorship in 2019, but it will not be asking for too much if the Muhammed Abubakars of this world at least, let that decision come from Sen Mal Ali Wakili rather than foist it down as cheap campaign of calumny.

“Be that as it may, it will be appropriate to mention that 2019 is still

a long way away, and neither Governor Abubakar nor anyone else in his cohorts can play God in deciding what happens tomorrow. On that premise, Sen Mal Ali Wakili is not currently pre-occupied with 2019 and any possibilities that year can hold. He is more committed to working with his party, the APC to overcome the challenges of the current economic recession and making life better for the good people of Bauchi state and Nigerians". Thus, Sen Mal Ali Wakili currently has his plate full with issues of law making and effective representation certainly, 2019 isn’t a menu in that plate.”