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Electricity Grid Hits 4,000 Megawatts as 2017 Begins

By Nigeria Electricity Hub

Electricity generation at the national grid has sustained the peak of 4,000megawatts (mw) into 2017 since it reached the level last Tuesday, records have shown.

Data available from the Nigeria System Operator (NSO) showed that peak generation in December 2016 was highest when it hit 4,173 megawatts; it hurriedly dipped to 3,417 megawatts same day.

In what appeared to be a fresh start in 2017, the system has sustained the threshold within the last three days with the highest being at 4,208 megawatts attained on January 1.

The peak generation last Tuesday was 4,124 megawatts with 91,384 megawatts hour (mwh) wheeled by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to the 11 Distribution companies for supply to the over six million registered customers.

This is the second highest power supplied in 2017 after TCN wheeled 93,520mwh on New Year day when the grid had the highest peak generation in the year.

Supplementary weekly operation statistics from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) showed that the number of units of turbines in operations rose steeply early December from 30 to nearly 50 units indicating more gas supply to the Generation Companies (Gencos) in the month.

Customers under Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) have lauded the electricity supply situation during the yuletide, saying there was ‘significant improvement’.

Some customers said they were having over 18 hours supply for more than two weeks.

Luka Thompson, a residential customer in Abuja, said: “The power supply situation has been quite encouraging in Life Camp District till now. We hope it will continue.”

At Mararaba in Nasarawa state, near Abuja customers said the rotation (load-shedding) typical of AEDC in area seemed suspended before the Christmas holiday.

According to them, there had been at least 10 hour power supply daily since the Christmas eve.

Malam Shomade Ibrahim, a commercial electricity user in the Aso area, added: “Electricity supply has been relatively constant across Mararaba and Aso this festive period; it is commending if AEDC sustains this.”

Source: National Accord