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 army Corporal Threaten To Sue Journalist For Libel In Osogbo

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We the Fact Finder Initiative, a nonprofit organization that researches into information, stories and news that has impact either negatively or positively on the society for the good of the country, was contacted by Muritala Ibrahim a serving officer of Nigerian Army who informed us that he is presently a victim of heinous defamation from some disgruntle elements who conspired with correspondent of Daily Trust and Channel Tv in Osogbo. In other to secure the career of Muritala as an officer of Nigeria Army and also to come back to the society to affirm or deny the story, we thus conduct our deep investigation in to the matter.

Our sincere and comprehensive exploration revealed that the news which was published by one Hammed Oyegbade, a correspondent of Daily Trust in Osogbo and his counterpart, the Channels Tv correspondent in Osogbo titled “Soldier Assault Prison Imam in Osun as Sect Crisis Gets Messier” was unfortunately propaganda and a deliberate and organized plot to destroy the career of Muritalah Ibrahim. It is therefore our responsibility as fact finders to represent the story to the public and particularly to the Authority of Nigerian Army, a representation that is verifiable by any organization we herein present.

We do not believe every story published by Journalists, except the few ones who have distinguished themselves in the profession, our thought is resonant from the saying of Thomas Jefferson who said:

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed, if you do read the newspapers, you are misinformed”

According to the revelation of our investigation, Muritalah Ibrahim though was in that meeting and not as body guard to anyone but to meet his formal spiritual colleagues in the Islamic Movement for prayer. He was never the one who assaulted the said Muritala Akanbi Tadese and this was confirmed by the same Muritala at the Divisional Police Station, Iwo, Osun State and also was contained in the statement he made with the Police. It was the overzealous body guard of Mr. Shafi’i Abdulazeez Bello that violently approached Muritalah Ibrahim and he put on self defence and none of the duo was injured.

Prior to the scene, the said Muritalah Akanbi Tadese was known for posting provoking propaganda against the leadership of the Islamic Movement on Face Book, during the reconciliatory meeting, he was covering the meeting with his phone CONTRARY to the terms of the meeting held on the 1st of January, 2017 when some participants warned him to stop such act which he continued and ignored those who warned him to stop. One of the participants approached him and collected his phone. Muritalah Akanbi Tadese being a person suspected to be suffering from Epistaxis disease “Amurun” began to bleed from nose and that was explore by the rebel group who are always hunting for opportunity to destroy the image of the movement. This fact is verifiable through the Divisional Police Station of Iwo who investigated the case.

Our finding revealed that Hammed Oyegbade who was the author of the defamatory story was known to have been hunting for the opportunity to defame the Islamic Movement being an agent of the rebellious members. He quickly seized the scene that happened in 1st of January, 2017. It was also learnt that he did harassed the Commissioner of Police, Osun command with phone calls, using his status as journalist to threaten and influence the style of amicable resolution which the Commissioner of Police, Osun Command has always adopted on the issue of the rebels in the Islamic Movement. Here, in the Fact Finder Initiative, we explore fact so that we don’t end up as slave of the saying of Norman Mailer, he said: “Once a newspaper torches a story, the fact are lost forever, even to the protagonist” We give ourselves the task of exhumation of facts for the good of the people.

The members herein refer to as rebellious members according to our investigation are Spearheaded by Mr. Shafi’i Abdulazeez Bello and Mr. Yakubu Asimiyu both of them have been petitioned to the Commissioner of Police for the allegation of forgery of certificate of Islaudeen Arabic School, Iwo and Daru Islam, Iwo through (the fraudulent means) they gained admission to Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia. Also, Mr. Tajudeen Oladejo became rebellious after he fraudulently embezzled Million of Naira contributed by the members of the Islamic Movement. The said petition is herein available with the Fact Finder Initiative. While others are interested in the properties and leadership of the said Islamic Movement, based on these heinous goals, they have come together to invest their energy and resources on attacking the leadership of the Islamic Movement.

Mr. Muritalah Ibrahim have consulted his lawyer in person of Barrister Shuaib Shitto Kewuyemi and the Director General of this organization to take appropriate legal action against the Hammed Oyegbade of Daily Trust and Channel Tv for such deliberate destructive move to ruin his career as an officer of Nigerian Army who served his country with undiluted energy and loyalty.

Barrister Comrade Abdulsalam Abdulfatah Liberty
Comrade A. O Abdulafeez
Director Research and News Verification