Source: Dr Tosin Akindele.
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While several persons have attempted an analysis of the recent imbroglio between the United States and Russia...a path that l most sincerely feel has been thoroughly perused, I find it imperative to pose the following posers:

As the FBI and the CIA must have known about both the use of private servers by Hilary Clinton for state matters...and the election-hacking activities of Russia before the last US elections, why did these security agencies reveal one of these threats and not the other...? Since President Obama must have been briefed about both issues prior to the election, why did the nation not take definite actions to stop these things other than Obama simply telling Putin to 'cut it out!'? Is it customary and responsible for the head of the FBI to release such state secrets otherwise classified to the public just before the election... especially knowing the effect it would have on voters? Why would Trump believe Putin and not his own nation's claims on such sensitive state matters? Why would Republicans go along with Obama and not Trump? Why would US electoral college voters confirm Trump's election in spite of daunting evidence of Russian hacking efforts ? Why would the US wait till this delicate time to expel Russian spies...called diplomats...when the Syrian conflict is a potential flashpoint...and after Putin has dispatched a huge nuclear submarine to the Black sea?

Well, I just did a little research on these humongous nuclear submarines some taller than 3-storey buildings in dry dock, measure over 75 metres in length, fuelled by nuclear rods with no need for refuelling for two decades, able to stay submerged and undetected for upwards of 5 months, with an unending supply of oxygen by hydrolysis of seawater. Each carrying up to 20 ICBMs that each carry multiple warheads working by multiphasic nuclear fissions. All nuclear payloads now submarine-based. Each submarine can sink the whole of Asia....

Hydra-headed nuclear warhead with multiple payloads... Quite surprising and comforting however that Putin's Russia has decided not to retaliate in kind. This move I must say, is quite commendable.

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst