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27 Hell Testimonies Reveal Satanic Contamination

By Lawrence Nyika
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Have you ever wondered how life without God might look like? Up until now I (and maybe you) never really thought about such a possibility. Praise the Lord because our imaginations will be primed by thehell experiences of 27individuals, which occurred between 1974 and 2013, representing 12 females and 14 males, from 14different countries. Data for this scoping review wasaccessed from You Tube and Google, using the following search terms: hell, testimonies/experiences, and native country. For purposes of this essay, individuals who gave the testimonies will be referred to as “participants.”

End times experiences should not surprise true Christians as Joel (2: 28) noted: “And afterward I will pour out my spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old man will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” It is noteworthy, my position in this review may not be neutral as I consider myself to be Christian. I was not too keen to examine heaven testimonies becausefalse prophets are more likely to use them as a strategy to entice their followers. Besides, the context of hell can provide an alternative view of what it takes to get to heaven. Testimonies included in this review were only thosereported using English language and had a minimum length of 15 minutes. I used standard qualitative research literature review protocols to analyse participants’ narratives, which is an important limitation as no theological frameworkwas included.Also, the research may not provide exhaustive perspectives since only a convenient sample of You Tube testimonies was used.

People in Hell
According to participants, the souls of people in hell emphasised a need for humanity to choose Jesus Christ ahead of anything else. Participants said they acquired increased sensory and telepathic capacities while in the spirit form, which enabled them to interpret and embody the experiences of souls trapped in hell. The enhanced consciousness elevated participants’ intellects as noted by Tamara Laroux ( ):

When I saw [an individual in hell], I knew everything about them. I knew every sin that he[had] committed, my knowledge about their life was completely full. I knew everything they had done wrong, I knew their thoughts, I knew their emotions, I knew their will, I knew everything I could think upon. My wisdom was in its fullness;it was like have a Harvard degree instantly. But it didn’t matter, in that hideous state of a burning torment the only knowledge that mattered was that Jesus Christ was Lord. (time, 6:01-6:39)

Participants said they saw countless souls in hell, including deceased and surviving relatives and ‘lukewarm’ Christians. Several participants said they saw famous people being tortured in hell, such as Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II. In contrast, Kat Kirr ( ) said Michael Jackson was in heaven:

As far as Michael Jackson goes, there has been several reports of someone even seeing him in hell. I don’t think I can justify what they have seen,I can tell you that Michael Jackson is [in heaven]. He had many people praying for him, a lot of believers praying for him. I can’t tell you exactly why I know all that, I can just tell you that he is living in heaven. (time, 00-19)

As indicated by participants’ stories, several church organisations and pastors are associated with idolatryand satanic worship, including Roman Catholic,Jehovah’s Witness, Muslim, Lazarus Muoka, and T.B. Joshua. “The Catholic church is not from God, it is from man, and the leader is Satan, the beast,” said an angle of heaven to Gabriel Doufle ( , time 5:36-5:44).

Profiling Hell: An Eternity Without God
The concept of hell is rather difficult to understood despite its many references in the Bible. As well as the story of Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 17, 19-31), participants’ narratives helped provide insight into the conditions of hell. According to participants, hell is permanent isolation from God, characterised bya total absence of peace, love, light, and hope. It isa place ofendless darkness, hunger, thirst, agony, regret, fire, fear, stench odors, and ruthless demons. Participants’ experiences were traumatizing to the extent that several of them actually wept as they related their visions. Perhaps the scariest thing about hell might be the inability of souls to neither die nor escape. A participant named Bill ( ) said:

Even with the smells, and even with the screams, the panic, the chaos, constantly. The chaos for me was the separation from God, knowing that I can pray all I want [but] I can’t get my prayers up to him. It’s over!It’s like grabbing a rubber ball try and throw it through the ceiling, it’s not gonna happen. I realised instantly that as long as you are living, as long as you are breathing and walking on this [earth], I don’t care you are Atheist, I don’t care what you are, New Age, and this that. Wake up because as long as you are breathing you have a shot to pray to Jesus [Christ]. (time, 17:09-17:48)

In view of this review, hell, which is located beneath earth, is divided into various sections of torture, as determined by the nature of sin. However, there is no small sin (Romans 6:23), people should not rank sins and believe they can get away with certain type of sins, even if they are saved. A number of hell sections were identified by participants, including idolatry, liars, occultism, suicide, sexual immorality, and failure to tithe. As evidenced by participants’ stories, the devil draws people away from the Lord by encouraging everyoneto ‘fall in love’ with materiality and fantasy. The devil has become crafty enough to lace ordinary commodities with demonic properties, including children’s books, cartoons, dressing, movies, and secular music. Christian women were particularly urged to prefer their natural selves:

[The Lord] said He doesn’t want [Christian women] to use artificial hair, jewellery, [including] earrings and bracelets, artificial eye lashes, artificial nails, paint nails, eyebrow pencil, or use any of that makeup. He wants [Christian women] to remain the way they were created. Be proud of how He created you. That’s what pleases [the Lord]. Rachael Mushala ( , time, 28:09-28:37)

It is easy for anyone to become preoccupied with the things of the world, such as money, sports, television, partying, social media, and the self, which can gradually become addictions and eventuallyidols. This suggests a need for everyone to guard against falling prey to Satan’s evil tactics by seeking and maintaining unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

Whether or no to believe is a personal decision, similar to the days of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah, the end is here.In the context of this review,hell does existand Lord Jesus is coming very soon to unite withthose who are ready to be with him. Therefore, it is imperative for everyone to re-examine his or her relationship with Jesus Christ as a matter of urgency because it is only He who connects humanity to God the Father (1 Timothy 2:5). Because we live in the very last days, each person is encouraged to invite Lord Jesus into his or her heart, believe He is the Messiah, repent truly, and forgive others. Although it is essential to accept and live for Jesus Christ, there is a need to sustain abundant faith in Him through appropriate behaviours. For example, keeping away from the things of the world and loving and praying for our enemies, which can only bring people closer to God the Almighty.In her testimony, Aline Baxley ( ) said: “Once we pick up Jesus [Christ] in our lives, the Father will not [regret] giving his Son to you. He will not take it back. He holds us account[able] with where we go and what we do with that precious gift of life in our lives”(time, 22:45-23:04).Giventhe rampancy of false and satanic preachers today, Christians are strongly advised to pray for the Lord’s guidance in choosing Christian fellowship. For example, it is important to confirm the prophetic qualities of several individuals, including Uebert Angel, T.D. Jacks, Emmanuel Makandiwa, Rick Warren, Walter Magaya, Joel Osteen, and Shepherd Bushiri. Christians should be knowledgeable about the Bible, which is the authentic word of God and “the sword of the spirit” (Ephesians 6:17). It is arguable, end times testimonies help us better understandwhat eternity without God or the second death(Revelations 21:8) looks like and how we can avoid going to hell. Thus, the quality of an individual’s faith in Jesus Christ determines the eternal destination of his or her soul.

The following is a list of the 27 participants’ names, native countries, and/or link to their You Tube testimonies: ShainiMuas (Hmong), Sarah Boyanga (UK), Nayeli Gómez Utus (Peru), Prophet Bruno ( ), Angelica Zambrano (Ecuador), Emmanuel Egyarko (Ghana), Victoria Nehale (Namibia), Linda Ngaujah Rika (Sierra Leon), Yve (Madagascar, , Anton (Russia, ), a Korean artist ( ), Enyinnaya Thompson and Ubani Kingsley (Nigeria), Rachael Mushala (Zambia), Gabriel Douflé (Togo), and from the USA: Tamara Laroux, Randy Colby, Aline Baxley, Joseph( ), Mary Baxter,Bryan Melvin, Shawn Weed, Jonathan Carol, Bill Wiese, Esmeralda ( ), Bill ( ),and Tyrone Williams. Please feel free to respond to this articleand you can also view the corresponding You Tube video ( ). Glory be to Jesus Christ.

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