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A Call On His Excellency Gov. Mohammed Umar Jibirilla Bindow For The Establishment Of Faculties Of Law And Medicine In Adamawa State University

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Following NUC's directives, the University experimented with the colligate system, however, in the light of new developments, the university reverted to the faculty system except for the school of Medicine, Dentistry, Basic Medical sciences, and Faculty of Law.


The department undertakes course long with the other three departments in faculty of Law to enable the student acquire an LLB degree. The undergraduate programme is designed to provide fundamental knowledge and then deepen the student grasp of Law.

It also introduces them to the techniques and tools of research, develops in them the spirit of enquiry and generally prepares them to face challenges and solve problems in the field of Law.


The programme is designed to ensure that the graduate of Law has a clear understanding of the importance of law in society, taking into consideration. The vital role of Law in all spheres of human endeavor, it is therefore important that the student of Law has a tread general knowledge and exposure to other disciplines in the process of acquiring legal education. The department offers course which stir the student into critical analysis and examination of the prevailing social, economic, and political systems of the society with a view to assessing the operation, efficacy and relevance of various roles of Law.

A degree programme in Law affords the student the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to function effectively in any field of Law.


The objective of the programme is to produce trained Law graduates who will:

  1. Effectively with other counterparts from any part of the world in areas of legal practice and research
  2. In any aspect of the Law the student decides to engage in, based on the programme offered, the student will excel.
  3. knowledge of important Laws, drafting of legal documents, tentatively diagnosis of legal problems and importance of the entire legal system


A student who successfully graduates from Law programme has opportunity in the following areas:

  1. Self-Employment: As a private legal practitioner
  2. Education:Lectureship in various Law facilities and institutes
  3. Industry: state counsel in the ministry of justice, Magistrates in the judiciary (Administration officer in the ministries and judiciary)
  4. Legal Adviser: to government, corporate and industrial establishment as well as private persons.
  5. Research and development: Research officers in Nigeria institute of Advanced legal student and Nigerian institute of international Affairs
  6. Non-Governmental Organizations: legal/administration officers.

In addition to careers within the legal profession, the LL.B degree opens to a wide range of global career option including:

  1. politics and government
  2. corporate government
  3. public administration
  4. trade and industry
  5. finance and taxation
  6. business management

The Adamawa State University (Mubi), needs to establish a faculty of medicine that will develop innovations in research, education and health care delivery and will improve the quality and availability of health care in Adamawa State Nigeria.

It also will give special attention to the needs of the medically underserved in the region, building upon Adamawa state university's existing.


The mission of the Adamawa State University, Faculty of Medicine is to improve the health of people of Adamawa and especially, to serve Nigeria by training a diverse workforce of physicians and by developing innovative research and health of the medically underserved in the region and become models to be emulated throughout the state and nation.


The vision of Adamawa is university of medicine is to:

Educate and retain a diverse physician workforce needed to help address the underserved patient care needs of the people of Adamawa state and in particular, our country Nigeria develop a platform for an expanded biomedical health and clinical sciences research program to advance knowledge in the medical science.

Recruit a diverse student body and faculty that reflect the demographics of Adamawa region.

Also contributes to the region by enhancing the clinical delivery system through relationships with community hospitals, physicians and other providers, as well as attracting and training new physicians.


To fulfill the mission and vision, the following goals are set forth:

  1. ESTABLISH A PREMIER FACULTY OF MEDICINE: Preparing graduates for distinguished careers in clinical practice, teaching, research and public service.
  2. TO BUILD THE FACULTY UPON THE HIGHEST QUALITY BASIC, APPLIED AND CLINICAL RESEARCH: Attentive to research themes that align with NIH “ Roadmap”
  3. TO DEVELOP AN INNOVATIVE HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR ADAMAWA STATE UNIVERSITY THAT WILL SERVE AS A MODEL FOR THE NATION: Providing expanded health care in this, medically underserved region in a novel program that will be emulated elsewhere.


The innovative model developed for the Adamawa state university Faculty of medicine combines a strong research foundation with a distributed clinical education system. the model will expose students and residents to the practices of medicine in a variety of healthcare settings and population while, at the same time, instilling an understanding of the role of research in improving medical treatment and drawing upon current and future research strengths in Adamawa State.

I therefore call on the God sent Governor of Adamawa state, the architect of modern democracy and the lover of the masses to consider as a matter of urgency the above submission, present generation and the generation to come will never forget your thrive to putting the people first.

(Muttawali Bahuli)
[email protected]
080 - 36080391