Foreign Secretary statement on Libya

By United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:

"I congratulate Prime Minister Serraj and the Libyan forces in Sirte. I pay tribute to the commitment and sacrifice of those Libyans who have lost their lives or have been wounded defeating Daesh in Sirte, Benghazi and in other parts of the country. The UK stands ready with the UN and international community to help rebuild Sirte and other conflict zones in Libya."

"The success in Sirte shows what Libyans can accomplish when they work together in the face of adversity. However, the continued political and security instability in Libya risks undermining the progress that has been achieved. It is crucial that all parties including the relevant security actors commit to the completion of the Libyan Political Agreement, through a House of Representatives vote and the establishment of unified security forces."

"I call on all parties to resolve their differences through dialogue and national reconciliation and to avoid threats of force or resort to armed conflict at all cost."