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By Usman Santuraki
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It is the eight wonders of the world for a President, that conceded defeat after glaringly seeing defeat in less that one week to come and say that he did not accept the entire result of the election.

President Yahaya Jammeh, is trying to perpetual himself in office, that he occupied for good twenty-two years as the Gambian President. The President is just out to scuttle the relative peace of the country by opting to now say, that he did not accept the result of the election, that he had earlier on accepted it in its entirety.

It is the same President Jammeh, that praised the election as "transparent and rig-proof and then summed it up by saying that Allah is telling me my time is up. Even the votes cast show that his opposition candidate Adams Barrow won the election with 222,708 votes representing 43.34%, while the President Yahaya Jammeh coasted 208,487 votes representing 39.6%.

He rejected the result of the election one week after accepting the outcome based on what he say abnormalities in the election and called for a fresh election.

It is imperative for ECOWAS, AU and the UN to wade into this case so as to see, that the country was not thrown into chaos by this dictator and liberate the people of Gambia from the despotic rule of the incumbent President.

The action of the President Yahaya Jammeh in rejecting the election he had earlier on accepted is quite reprehensible and unacceptable breach of faith with what the people of Gambia want at this material time.

The international communities should not allow the antics of the President Yahaya Jammeh did not stand and the elected President be sworn in in January next year. The craziest thing ever done in this century is what the President did to reject the result of the election, he has earlier accepted and conceded defeat.

He want to plugged the country into chaos and when the chips are down escape to Europe to enjoy his ill-gotten wealth with his family members.

Usman Santuraki
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Jambutu, Jimeta-Yola
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