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Former APC candidate in Abia-north stabbed to death

By The Rainbow
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– Ugochukwu Nwosu who was the candidate of the APC in Abia was attacked by an armed robber

– The politician was stabbed in the attack although he was able to apprehend his attacker

– His family expressed shock at the news of his demise

Ugochukwu Nwosu who is a former candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abia state has been stabbed to death in his Lagos residence.

The Punch reports that Nwosu who lived in Ikorodu until his demise was am APC politician who contested in the Abia-north constituency.

Ugochukwu Nwosu, APC candidate in Abia-north stabbed to death

The first class graduate of chemical engineering of the University of Port-Harcourt also had a Masters degree in Chemical Analysis from Harvard University.

It was learnt that the deceased was in his home with his driver, Obinna when they were attacked by an armed robber who was later apprehended.

Obinna said: “On the day of the incident, my boss and I were the only ones at home. At about 3am, we heard sound of empty crates of drinks in the compound falling. My boss, who was still working on his laptop in the living room, decided to go out to check what was happening.

“The sound also woke me up and I followed him. Shortly after, I heard sounds of two people struggling. I quickly ran out and behold, I saw my boss in a brawl with a man; he (Ugochukwu) was bleeding in his right hand.

“I joined him and we overpowered, disarmed and tied up the intruder.

“Afterwards, I noticed that my boss was about passing out. I had thought he was bleeding only from his right hand, but I didn't know that the intruder also stabbed him below the abdomen. I immediately drove him to a private hospital; but he had lost a lot of blood. He was later confirmed dead by a doctor.”

The suspect, Dolapo Olajiru was handed over to the police where he denied being hired to kill Nwosu.

He said: “I used to be a conductor but in the last three months, things have been very rough. I have not had a vehicle to work with. In the process of waiting, a friend of mine, Ayo, introduced me to robbery. We are five in our gang and we usually rob houses in the Ikorodu area. When we rob, we take away phones, money and valuables that we can lay our hands on. We do not have a gun; we only use knives to scare our victims.

“That night, I was walking around to identify a house to rob when I saw the honourable's (Ugochukwu) house and I scaled the fence. I landed on some empty crates which also fell. The sound alerted the owner of the house and I heard a door open. I immediately hid behind the crates.

“When he came close enough, I attacked him and we started to fight. He was strong, but because I had a knife, I stabbed him in his right hand and he started bleeding. He held on and tried to take the knife from me; but he couldn't. I also stabbed him in the waist, and it was at that point another man joined in the fight. They overpowered me and tied me up.”

Innocent Nwosu who is the elder brother of the deceased expressed shock at the news of his death and said they were planning the birthday celebration of their father.

He said: “We were preparing for our father's 83rd birthday slated for December 29, 2016. He was the one piloting the whole arrangement and now he is no more.

“I really pray that our father survives the shock. This is a terrible loss to my family and the entire Abia State.”