Ernest Asuzu Hospitalized


Actor Ernest Asuzu (Life Is Beautiful, Ogidan) has finally been moved to the Yaba Psychiatric Hospital in Lagos for diagnosis and treatment after been released from police custody following the destruction he unleashed at the MITV complex in Alausa, Ikeja Lagos on the 24th of January, 2006. A doctor assigned to Ernest Asuzu says from tests taken thus far, Asuzu is obviously not in his right sense of mind. Asuzu would remain under treatment in the hospital until further notice. Though the damage Asuzu inflicted on MITV is rumored to have gone into tens of millions, the TV station is yet to charge the actor. Asuzu who is known for his lavish lifestyle and glitzy playboy attitude is also rumored to have had a long term relationship with drugs (i.e. Marijuana)