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Is Nigeria Ready For The Trump’s Style Campaign In 2019?

By Yemi Olodo
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The Brexit Referendum and America Election had revealed in the last few weeks that anything is possible in the political arena. However, I was reflecting few hours ago if Nigeria populace and the political scene are actually ready for an ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT MOVEMENTthat would reset the political structure in Nigeria.

Is it possible for a Nigeria type ‘Trump’ to sweep up the political scene come 2019 and create an anti-establishment revolt that would result in a political sonami type offset? So far, there is no way to know if this is possible but what is clear from the gauging of the political climate, is that Nigerians are yearning for change which the current president is working hard to deliver.

What is quite certain in Nigeria political scene is that the imperfection of Nigeria electoral system would guarantee that the political class (the establishment) would hold on to power against the will of the people and the ‘Trump type individual’ might be killed before he/she get the chance to execute the anti-establishment manifesto. What is also possible is that the political class would not allow the main parties to give such an individual a political platform to exercise that right.

That said, I was wondering what type of political statement would the ‘Trump TYPE CHARACTER’ push out in Nigeria to win an election in 2019 and I will like to know if you would vote for him/her to become the first anti-establishment President in Nigeria

I listed 20 anti-establishment political statements that would make anyone in Nigeria political scene very worried and I wanted to know if Nigerians would vote for such a person (smiles) to become the next President in 2019.

1. Work on the change of Nigeria Constitution to abolish House of Senate

2. Guarantee that 50% of the Federal Government Ministers would be Women and 30% of the Ministries would be Nigerians under the age of 50. The running mate (Vice President) would be a WOMAN

3. Reduce the salary of Nigeria House of Representatives by 70%

4. Return Nigeria back to six regions with SIX REGIONAL GOVERNORS and all current governors reverted back to State Co-ordinators

5. Abolish Nigeria Police Force and replace it with NIGERIA FEDERAL POLICEwith the creation of Regional Police Force.

6. Grant South-East Nigeria ONE REFERENDUM OPPORTUNITY to remain in Nigeria under a new structure of South East Region or leave Nigeria

7. DECLARE AMNESTYfor all persons awaiting trial for over 3 years for non-serious crime to decongest the prison by 70% inmate

8. Create an ANTI-CORRUPTION COURT with mandate to complete all corruption cases within 90 days

9. INTRODUCE THE DEATH PENALTY for any corruption cases of over 1 billion Naira

10. Guarantee that any Nigerian born from 1st of October 2020 automatically get A FIX 50,000 NAIRA TRUST FUND available to them at their 18th birthday

11. Guarantee that every Nigerian Students that proceed to final year of their university course will get aFREE LAPTOP from the Federal Government of Nigeria

12. Remove the immunity clause from protection against corruption cases for all public office holders including the President

13. All entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-35 get free company registration with CAC for the first one year

14. Abolish the issue of Nigeria oil blocks to individualsand introduce heavy tax on the ownership of private jet in Nigeria

15. Abolish the usage of more than 3 cars on security convoyfor many Federal Government institutions (except the President and Vice President)

16. Establish the Ministry of Diaspora and have a Minister for Diaspora Affairs

17. Separate the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation from Minister of Justice

18. Impose a ban on the importation of generators into Nigeria for 3 years subject to improvement of Nigeria electricity

19. Remove age restriction from recruitment into Federal Government Jobs

20. Reduce Nigeria interest rate for borrowing to 9%

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" then the ‘Trump type Nigerian’ would be Nigeria next commander-in-chief...

Such a person would need the oratory skills of Nigel Farage, thick skin of Donald Trump and nine lives of a cat to win Nigeria election!

Temitope Olodo is a Preventive Terrorism Expert and Author based in the United Kingdom

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Yemi Olodo and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."