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Christian Spirituality, The Hidden Road To Freedom

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Due to this great misplacement, emotionality has hitherto replaced spirituality in our various conceptual temples. It is a fact to state here that the daily increase of science and technology in the twenty first century has indeed helped to bring religion especially Christian religion to the door post of every home. This great effort must be appreciated, but is still incapable of making man spiritual.

Man has continued to praise his noble and ignoble works in the field of science, he has advanced beyond recognition, to the extent that the spiritual language of the creator-Elohim in Genesis can be re-echoed in science thus, “come let us make man (robots) in our image, after our likeness”. The obedience of other scientist to this all imperative call consummated in the scientific contribution of making robots without the function of consciousness in it. Yes, man has advanced.

As a matter of fact, whatever man claims to have attained which is not geared towards spiritualizing his orbit and environment is totally based in error and same will continue to accelerate his predicament in the world of man. The true advancement therefore is the one made to bring man in union with the ultimate cause- the creator.

A wise states man, whose name I cannot recall, once said’ “If we but knew what troubles our world we might perhaps, fix it. The quandary is that we do not know” The above assertion is true! We do not know. We are still too near our primitive days to know, though the ancient Christians were more spiritual than the modern ones. We are not sufficiently unfolded as spiritual beings to recognize the fact that the cause of our world trouble lies in that one naked fact that we are still too near our primacy to know how to build an enduring spiritual foundation.

The true knowledge of spirituality will transform the world in this eleventh hour of its danger, I do hope that the ego in religiosity will consequently allow us to open up our collective consciousness to accept this inter-planetary transformation because our spiritual consciousness have fallen further in fifty years than it had gained in eight centuries.

Man is a great spirit in the universe. The unseen man is perfect, spiritual and infinite. Death, sickness, and sin have no part in him. The real man cannot depart from the part of holiness, nor can God by whom man is evolved, stimulate the capacity to sin. A sinner is not friendly to God.

They (evil men) are the children of wicked one whose behaviors are in strict variance to divine principles. Divine act is the reflection of good spirit; the reflection is homogeneous with the principles of love. The low-grade class heroes whose spiritual philosophies are negative have taught man otherwise. Therefore learn this, O mortal man, that you have pseudo knowledge of the reality of life and God and may not advance until the topsy-turvy ideology that forms the basis of you belief system is expunged only by so doing shall you come to the supreme recognition of spirituality which teaches that you must return to dust in due time.

When speaking of God’s children, Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you”, that man in God’s image is incontrovertible and eternal. Whatever is material is within this realm. It is profoundly imperative for man to arise and take up his image which he has abandoned for years which is spirituality, and live for what he is made.

Plato’s view of man suits my philosophical cum spiritual approach. He is of the view that man is a spiritual being though he played down on his gross element (body), while Aristotle regarded man as the supreme being on earth, primarily spirit and capable of intellectual knowledge. Aristotle however continued his cosmological view as he stressed man’s spiritual nature as transcending material conditions. To Diogenes of Appolomia man is a being privileged by the Gods both in bodily equipment and in mental capacity. All these point to the fact that man is a spirit being who can awaken the seven charkas within him to better his world. The seven charkas in human beings are related to the seven physical senses which are in tune with the seven heavens. This I may explain latter.

If everything is based on science I mean empirical sciences, we will make the worst mistake of our lives trusting God. In the natural science, man has never beheld any spirit or soul living a body or entering it. Ignorance says you are a man, but truth and ultimate knowledge says you are a spirit. The ideal man is therefore a spiritual being on a material journey and not a material man on a spiritual journey as some uninformed people may suggest; on this premise, the Bible enthuses “Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh.... 11 Corinth 5:16.

The spirit of man is the product of the eternal reality-God. It exists in the vast forever that is past, present and future. In the vast ocean of forever, material science becomes a fiction. Spiritual truth cannot be found in the mud of scientific experiment. Therefore all those who see my oil as a scientific substance that can be investigated materially are making phony cum spurious effort. Spirit is not matter rather spirit can possess matter for action. God is the true spirit!

Today, what is happening to humanity at the present time is that he has chosen to distort his balanced circular orbit around his creator, his free will, supported by his ignorance of his unavoidable close relationship to God, and his awareness of his dependence on God, has influenced him to choose transient body sensations, body comforts and body values instead of eternal spiritual values.

The universe is founded upon love as related to human survival. Our present civilization is hurting itself by building its own agonies and ills. It has become physically scientific instead of spiritually scientific. It has no living philosophy to overcome the philosophy of death which is threatening the entire world.

In the midst of all these uncanny development, came the claim of many that God has forgotten humanity. This is not only defamating but a negation to the organizational structure of divinity. No one nation or tribe owns God and God cannot forget those called after his name. Nigeria is not an exemption; therefore man must strive to be spiritual. We must strive to be in union with spiritual consciousness; it is a must to all children of Adam.

To be spiritual means to eschew or shun all forms of religious hypocrisy and pursue righteousness which is the basic foundation for ultimate freedom. Some top religious leaders who claim to be spiritual have neglected the true principles of spirituality thus they have failed to advance as a result of double ignorance that has held them sway. Thus they have continued to behave like the man who consequently admonished his son to dress like a lawyer, behave like a priest, but always think like a thief if he wishes or desires to survive in this world.

Following such strange admonition from an evil father, the true colour or identity of his son could not be decoded easily. In dressing like a lawyer his true colour would be hidden, in behaving like a priest he becomes the worst religious hypocrite in the ministry of soul winning. However, in thinking like a thief, there lies his original colour and identity. The Bible says, “As a man thinks so he is” Proverbs 23:7.

The thinking of man cannot be separated from his being and understanding of same. Those men and women, who think they can dress like lawyers, behave like priests, while thinking like thieves in the ministry are the ones who hold a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. We have been warned to flee from them because they have no good spiritual lesions to teach humanity hence they will always produce their kind in the vineyard as I nod to the Biblical assertion that “those who make them are like them” Ps.115:8. Therefore those who follow them are like them as like attracts like; o yes, no one can ignore the spiritual philosophy of homogeneity.

In my voyage through Christian Spirituality, I hitherto discovered that when you are in tune with the Holy Spirit, you experience direct knowledge. Direct knowledge from the spirit of God is very comprehensive. When the Holy Spirit wants to educate you, He may use the dream world. Yes, God may use the dream world to teach you things about yourself and other higher spiritual things about the physical world. You may as well comprehend your own being in a more different way that may not be native or common to our credo hence the way between God and man is an individual affair.

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