Can't Stop Crying...

By Melanie Miller
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I can't stop crying, cause' I have no friends.
No one to talk to, no one to listen to my stories,
but I do have books to read so I guess they are my only friends I have.

I have enemies too, that are jealous and envious of me. And even talking to them would be a comfort!

No one ask me out to dinner, I feel like a looser and not a winner!

I wished someone would call, anyone will do.
I wished you could come over, and talk to me dear friend of mine.

I won't make you do anything for me just maybe drink some red or white wine.

I wished I could get out of this rut... it is like living on some deserted island in a hut!

I want so much to get out and play, as I work all day and I want to do something right away.

I hate living in a box and a cardboard box or prison it is, I am better off behind bars..

at least their will be people to talk too.

This poem is for only you to read and you alone.
I wished I had a dog, and can throw him a bone!

I wished I had a fish and be left alone, by myself and hide my feelings on a shelf.

I wished I had a cat, a cat can be a dear friend, at least it is someone to talk too.

He or she may not love me back but at least, I can pet my pet.

The only regret I have is not loving you more then I do, and respecting you more.

Maybe this is the main reason you can not or will not see me, as I maybe not good enough

to talk to and see anymore these days.

All I can do for now, is hope and pray that someday...I find a new friend.

Someone that will listen to me and take me places., and someone that will make me smile..

even if it is for a little while.

The end...