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Libyan National Popular Movement

By Gerald Perreira

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate

The Libyan National Popular Movement is following with deep concern the media statements, leaks, and the undeclared communications conducted by the European Union, regarding a European project for the resettlement of African migrants in Libya; and proposals for the establishment of safe cities for them in Libya. The Movement wishes to draw the attention to the seriousness of this project on the Libyan security, the Arab national security and, stability in the Mediterranean region constituting, thereby, a threat to regional and international peace. In commitment to its principles and objectives, the Movement considers it its duty to alert to the following:

The migration of Africans from their countries to Europe is a product of the colonial policy practiced by Europe in Africa for centuries. Therefore, the African peoples, including the Libyan people are victims of these policies. Europe must bear the full responsibility for this problem. Migration to Europe can only be prevented by a real development in the African continent, and in all countries from which the immigrants migrate.

The idea of an alternative homeland is unacceptable in form and content. It will not provide a way to stop the flow of migrants to Europe whose progress is seen by the Africans as founded on the tremendous wealth looted from their homelands.

Such colonial proposals are reminiscent of the thinking of the mentality of the colonial era, shows without a scintilla of doubt the real objectives of the brutal Western intervention in Libya in 2011, and drops all other pretexts put forward to justify it. Furthermore, it explains the real reason that led the terrorist militias associated, financed, and backed up by Europe to displace more than two million Libyans from their towns and villages.

Counting on the idea that Libya is a vast country with a few population and enormous riches, to predict the success of these colonial projects is entirely false. The people who foiled the Turkish and Italian projects and before them the Roman projects to resettle foreigners in their land will not allow these reckless and diabolical ideas to pass.

These projects are but an attempt to form a human barrier to separate the Arabs in the East from the Arabs in the West.They are in addition to the looming threats to the local security of Libya, are a threat to Arab national security, especially the security of Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria. Furthermore, they pose a threat to the existence of the Libyans in their land, and will be the direct cause for the creation of a center of conflict and tension in Africa and the Mediterranean region.

The Libyan National Popular Movement, as it alerts the local and international public opinion to this serious conspiracy hatched in European decision-making circles, and to the accelerated pace of its introduction to create the appropriate atmosphere to impose it, calls on all the Libyan parties that are jostling for illusion, to pay attention to the real dangers posed to the homeland, and serious threats facing the presence of the Libyans in their own land. The Movement wishes that this matter not be looked at shallowly and considered imaginary because the confirmed information at the disposal of the Movement refers to the accelerated pace of introducing this dangerous project. Hence, the Movement calls upon all the Libyan organizations to prepare plans to counter it, and calls the Arab States to unify their positions to thwart this terrible scheme. It also calls on the Libyan and Arab media to give this matter priority in handling.

Freedom for the Homeland and Sovereignty for the people

Mustafa Zaidi
Secretary of the Executive Committee
of the Libyan National Popular Movement

"When children Play, The world knows no War".
By: Okyerema Prekese