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This is the story of a shameless Lagos millionaire who has decided not to pay NEPA bills. Gathered that recently, NEPA officials stormed the Delta State born millionaire house on Lagos Island to cut off the electricity supply because, over the years the big boy who used to own a bank and other businesses has simply refused to pay his bills. We heard, the bill went up to N5 million and NEPA officials had no choice than to disconnect his house. Guess what happened? Immediately he was told, he ordered mobile policemen guarding his house to go to NEPA office and teach them a lesson. Insiders said, the mobile policemen stormed NEPA office and threatened them that the house belongs to the vice president, the NEPA officials now cowed, returned to re-connect the house. The millionaire who had his fingers burnt not too long ago in a major oil company in the country even boasted that NEPA should not attempt to disconnect his house again. Can you beat that.?