Bakassi Was Used To Compensate Cameroon Over Role In Biafra War"

By Biafra Nations League

Chief of Staff of Biafra Nations Youth League and Leader of displaced Bakassi Youth, Linus Essien has blamed Nigeria government over renewed agitations for Biafra, Essien whose native land is ceded to Cameroon called for internationally organised referendum for Biafrans to decide their faith.

"A referendum is what we are asking for, we are not agitating for war because we have fought our war in 1967 which ended in 1970. "Biafra independence struggle is not a threat to national security, there is difference between Militants and Agitators" he said.

Essien blamed Nigeria government over attacks on pipelines in Niger Delta and killing of troops in Bakassi Peninsula, according to him "Nigeria government always allow things to get worsened before they react to it, the renewed Militancy started after Biafra violations, we have every right to demand for Biafra, the Bakassi natives in the annexed Peninsula are being killed on daily basis by Cameroon Soldiers while the returnees and displaced natives are dying in refugees camp in Cross River State. "These are among reasons why we want a country called Biafra, because Bakassi is the Bight of Biafra itself but nicknamed Peninsula"

The Bakassi people are efik people of Cross River State displaced after judgment by International Court ceding the oil region to Cameroon, reports has it that remnants in the Peninsula more especially fishermen are being molested by Cameroon government.

Natives are now backing demands for a sovereign state of Biafra from Nigeria.