Graduates And The Survival Game (Part 2)

By Adeogun Joseph Kayode

The fear of life after school and all that goes with it is a burning issue of general interest that always give a great number of graduates a lot of anxiety and challenges to contend with.

One of the basic challenges of graduates and school leavers is how to establish an equilibrium with their environment- how to position themselves to achieve self-actualization in an increasing difficult, hostile and highly competitive environment such as ours.

Ours is an environment where there are employers who will exploit and make a monkey out of graduates by giving them peanuts as wages.

Look at the odds against you and ask yourself these basic questions: Are you prepared to achieve? Do you have what it takes to win- to live the life you wish? Or would you rather settle for the life someone else has scripted for you?

In getting answers to these questions, the following tips will be beneficial to you:

1. SELF-ACTUALIZATION (being in charge): In the process of asking the society for job, we all become dependent and fail miserably to acquire the needed competence to achieve self-actualization. You need to be in charge of things- the driver of things and not being driven. Ask yourself: Does the government really owe you a job? Does the society owe you anything? Does anybody owe you anything?

2. SELF-DISCOVERY: The major factor for achieving success in life or any endeavour is self-discovery. Just discover yourself and you are on your way to making it in life. The starting point is self- an attitude that says you are the best and deserve the best and you should get the best. Once this happens, you begin to see the need for acquiring the needed competence to win and succeed. You don't know who you are until you see what you can do. Regular employment is good, it gives you the necessary contacts and the needed capital, however, we have a huge price to pay, but the fact remains that you can be in charge, giving order instead of obeying them. With the fulfilment of your potential, you stand a better chance of being in charge than in some government establishment or company position where you will be a mere statistics.

3. UNDYING SPIRIT TO ACHIEVE: Achieving is a thing of resolve and persistent- an attitude and a thing of determination and strong belief. The undying spirit to achieve and your knowledge of a particular business go a long way in achieving the needed enthusiasm to succeed in the chosen endeavour. An achiever is determined, always resolve to succeed under any circumstance and has the belief that nothing should hold him back from making it. An achiever has the pervading zeal to be the first and always the first, to be nothing else but the best. To be the one who dictates the pace of play, most especially in the corporate game.

4. SELF-RELIANCE AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT: If you have a business degree, economics or any other related degree and hoping to work in a bank, an oil company, government corporation or multinational company, this is cool and okay. You have waited for so long and it seems like eternity. Suppose instead of waiting, you admit a simple reality and take some simple actions. The reality is that mere possessing qualification (business degree or otherwise) does not guarantee automatic employment unless your father is well connected. While it is good to think big because shallow thinkers never make big impression. It is also practical to start from the beginning with discretionary resources. The simple action you may consider taking for example, is starting a business venture/enterprise. You can say this man is insulting me. I have a degree for God's sake and this crazy man is asking me to start trading. I'm a graduate, damn it! Sure you are! You can even say it is insane. It is insane until you see the facts. You don't want to be dependent or statistical figure in any government corporation or company; you want to be in charge.

Your business planning begins with an idea and that is one of the things we know how to give best on this site – ideas and plenty of them. Are you

thinking about starting a business in Nigeria but don’t know where to start from or which business to invest your money into to make profit?

Here are top 20 most lucrative businesses in Nigeria you can invest your money into and be

sure of making millions back in no time.
This list of business ideas in Nigeria is made up of

authentic business ideas, not just some randomly selected junk businesses, they are time tested, carefully selected, high performing businesses you can stake your hard earned capital on and be sure of making profit. These businesses are up to date and relevant in 2016 and beyond. But before we

proceed, I want us to look at some of the vital reasons you must start a business in Nigeria today.

The reasons why Nigerians are fleeing their own land that is flowing with milk and honey to scavenge in another lands that does not have half of the opportunities we have here is simply difficult to explain. Why would Nigerians leave the massive business opportunities in their land and choose to travel far and wide fo slave, leaving the wealth

back home for South Africans, Lebanese, Indians, Chinese, even Egyptians to plunder?

Most of the current fastest growing businesses and
companies in Nigeria are owned by the foreigners. I l want the equation to change.

Find below some reliable and lucrative business in Nigeria:

1. Agriculture – This is the next revolutionary industry in Nigeria where millionaires are currently being made. Nigerians both home and oversea are beginning to wake up to the huge potentials in

Agribusiness, a sector we have been neglecting over the years due to the discovery of oil. Now that the oil is drying up, people are beginning to look

into other sectors of the economy to create wealth. Below are some of the farming in Nigeria that are serious making profit for people now:-

• Poultry Farming – This business is making average

Nigerians rich. It is so lucrative that even outsiders are coming in to invest in poultry farming the business in Nigeria. And why not, In a country of more than 180 million people, what would you expect? If you start with 1,000 birds and manage

your poultry farm properly, when the turnover on
investment begins to come, you will be making millions annually.

• Cassava Production – People are beginning to turn their attention to this aspect of farming in Nigeria that have been neglected for years. Cassava derived foods are some of the most consumed in

Nigeria. If you can invest in cultivating 50 – 100 Acre in a fertile area like Ondo State, your harvest will be great.

• Snail Rearing – Snail farming is one of the choice. It is a low capital investment with high yield and the market is big. There are few people currently doing this – and most of them are doing it in a

very low scale. If someone invest heavily in Snail farming, he is sure to make good money in Millions within a year.

• Rice Farming – Rice remains the most consumed food staple in Nigeria and Billions of dollars goes into importation of this product yearly from China and Thailand because the local farmer are unable to meet up the demand due to poor funding and limited knowledge.

2. Sale of Furniture – Buying and selling of Locally make furniture is a goldmine. You don’t need to be a carpenter to do this, just arrange for regular supply from reliable Carpenters while you display and sale in your showroom. It is a very big business in Nigeria as only few can afford the imported

3. Making of Fruit Juice – Nigerians drink fruit juice more than any other people.

4. Pure Water Production – You know how popular this is in Nigeria and how many that are dispensed daily. Though this business is capital intensive but well worth investing into, especially if you can manage it properly with professionalism.

5. Oil and Gas Business – We sre blessed and cursed with huge deposit of oil in our land which presents some of the finest business opportunity for Nigerians and Foreigners. Owning a Petrol Filling Station , supplying of Diesel, and distribution of Kerosene are some the areas you can invest

easily and make good money for yourself. Petroleum product marketing have been making

millions for people and creating millionaires in Nigeria for years.

6. Haulage Services – The cost of taking a truck from one place to the other in Nigeria is between N20,000 to N200,000 per trip. Due to poor rail

transport system, most of the Nigerian goods are transported through the road, making haulage business in Nigeria a viable one. Petroleum products haulage and movement of goods from manufacturers and importers are the aspect of

haulage in Nigeria that is very lucrative now.
7. Hotel Business -This is probably the coolest money making opportunity in Nigeria. Invest in small scale hotel of just 10 suites and watch as the

money flows in. This has nothing to do with tourism boom of any kind; there is just something in Nigerians system that make this business very

lucrative – Nigerians are jolly people!
8. Fast Food Eatery – Eatery business is another goldmine though poor management can kill it death! If you wish to go into this business, be sure to get everything right and don’t forget it’s a bit capital intensive and requires good management skills. But if you get everything right, free money is yours.

9. Importation Of Tokunbo Spare Parts – If you are in USA, Germany, or Denmark, this business is especially good for you. Don’t just keep importing

exotic cars, gather tokunbo spare parts in containers and ship it down to Nigeria. There is huge market for used (tokunbo) spare parts in

10. Investing in Property – Property appreciate everyday in Nigeria. Right now, Nigeria is one the countries in the worl where landed property is most expensive. If you buy land now anywhere in Lagos, you are sure to make 100% profit within two years. You can buy and quickly resell and make

profit. Or you buy keep and sell later.
11. Dry Cleaning – Professional dry cleaners at

affordable prices are scarce in Nigeria. What we have are professional Dry Cleaners whose service fees are extremely high or mediocre dry cleaners who can never keep with time. Give them cloths

today and meet it unwashed after one week. This business is a money maker if you balance it up.

12. Professional Car Wash – This business is good if you can set it up in a strategic location in a place like Lagos where there are good number of cars.

13. Sales Of Building Materials- The rate at which new houses are springing up in Nigeria, you get to wonder why many people still complain of housing problem. Investing in building material is a good

business in Nigeria and I can count some guys who are making millions almost daily in this business.

14. Transport Business – What we have in this sector are transport companies that are badly managed by local chiefs and touts. Invest in this

business with good management and you will be
wondering what hits you with bags of money.
15. Nursery And Primary School – School business has no rival among it’s mate. My little kids school fees take away close to a million naira per term just to learn ABC! School business in any level is a serious business in Nigeria that generate millions of naira.

16. Exporting Of Raw Materials- There is no better way to grow the economy than to exporting some of the raw materials that are abundant in the country.

17. Online Advertising Agency- As the Nigeria’s online presence keeps increasing, so is its advertisers. Thousands of businesses in Nigeria are

taking their business online to leverage the massive

community of Nigerian internet users and market their products. This influx has created another business opportunity in Nigeria for savvy digital marketing experts. You too can setup your own online advertising agency in Nigeria today and make millions.

18. Fashion Business – Nigerian people are probably some of the trendiest people in the world. Fashion designers are becoming millionaires on daily basis in Nigeria, thanks to the revolution in the Nigerian fashion business orchestrated by the boom in the entertainment industry in Nigeria.

19. Media And Show Biz – You and knows Nigeria is the capital of entertainment in Africa? You also knows Nigeria is the highest consumers of media content in Africa? Now you can see how viable and lucrative media and show biz can be in Nigeria.

20. Investing In Internet Companies – This is a new

crop of powerful investment opportunity that is creating billionaires around the world including Nigeria. Its simple! You don’t have to be a Tech

person, all you need is to look for a creative online tech startup with good ideas and invest into. Within 1 to 2 years you will be counting your profits in millions.

If you think about it for a moment, a business venture/enterprise is not such a bad or lonely idea. If you use your knowledge of customer relation management, pricing policy, marketing of services, positioning strategy and such like, before you know it, you're in money, you've made it. Will you stop complaining and get down to business! Believe me, in two years time, you will forget my insulting you because you will be too busy counting fortunes.

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