The Squeals Of An Undeserving Mornach....Re: T. A. Orji Not True Ibeku Son

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The above statement was credited to Eze Onuoha Ogurube Ibeku on the Daily Sun, of Thursday 6, 2016. As he continued “No true son or daughter with full blood running in his vein can deride the Ogurube ancient stool none that I know, whether dead or alive, only T. A. Orji.’

From all ramifications, the above are lamentations from an unstable and troubled man, Eze Onuoha as reported by Chuks Onuoha. The royal father left his palace, joined a disgruntled ragtag group in a circus square performance and entertained former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu, the most contested Senatorial aspirant in Abia North. AS they arraigned him in the private home of the arrowhead of their belated challenge, they pretended to render an apology.

There were too grave errors: is it proper for a man who holds a royal stool to abdicate office and perform with other dramatists outside his palace instead of being resplendent on his throne and people coming to pay him obeisance? Is it not anomalous for people who intend to apologize go to the home of the man they assume they wronged and tender their regrets if any? Rather, the man was dragged out, and he craftily avoided the cost of logistics and entertainment in his home and joined them in a singsong.

Eze Onuoha among complaints of neglect, insinuated that Senator Orji is not Ibeku and went further to put his own genealogy on public domain. In the first place, he rendered apology on behalf of Ibeku people for the sins of an Ibeku man. The same Onuoha is doubting T A’s Ibeku authenticity. Is that not a double speak revealing serious psychopathic instability?

His group alleged that Senator Orji did not do any work in Abia yet he admits not benefitting from the road that was constructed but complained that it bypassed his house through Iyi Enyi. Incidentally Eze Onuoha was on duty the day the road was commissioned.

The authenticity of T. A Orji is not in doubt but for the gullible few, T. A. Orji is a true Ibeku son of blue blood calibre. Historically he is the first Ibeku man to be Chief of Staff and later Governor, the first Ibeku to be Senator and many more ahead. His father was a warrant chief that attracted royalties and decorations from the District Officers of British extraction. Chief Tom Orji Ikoro hailed from Amokwe in Ugba na Nkatta in present Umuahia north LGA. That Eze Onuoha raises doubt about T A Orji is a big indication that he is a stranger in Ibeku otherwise who doesn’t know Chief Tom Ikoro?

His mother was from Umuoshi, Umuafai Ndume Ibeku from the great Nwabuko family. His brothers, cousins and sisters from the paternal and maternal families are all alive and could be physically located, so it is certain that a man of such status as the Eze to state otherwise is enough signals that he is unto great mischief.

Eze Onuoha is licking his wounds openly. On the allegation of seizing lands, it is the same story and strategy of a bad loser. Nobody can compare in paying compensation for acquired lands in Abia with special reference to Ibeku people till the emergence of T. A. Orji.

T. A. Orji paid all including the ones acquired before he became Governor. He added roads making their lands accessible and those who sold made more money as there were access roads. Lodu Ndume, a cut off village got a breath of new life by a new road linking them. Check out Umuoho Azueke where industrial market is situated, Ohobo Afara, Ubani Ibeku, Ugba and Ndume. All were compensated.

It is unfortunate that the royal father who should direct and advise his subjects is now a singing bird for the political group. It should be noted that that according to the code of conduct, Ezes should not be partisan in political affairs but assist government in policy development and at the same time convey the interest of the subjects to government. HRM Onuoha should rather purge himself.

If anybody should dance naked in the market square, it shouldn’t be the monarch more so the Ogurube. Eze Ezekwem and Emenike among others have condemned and disclaimed this act in clear terms.

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