National Pride

One knows the nation is in trouble when Vigilantes arresting a man who

escaped with a pot of soup heavy ladened with goat meat, makes

headlines in the national dailies.
Licking his lips with glee the alleged Weinebo, a native of Bayelsa

state was settling to eat fufu with the spoils of war following his

invasion of his neighbour's kitchen carting away the precious pot of

soup before he was caught. Unknown to him, his neighbour had alert the

local vigilante group which mounted a sweep of the community finally

catching Weinebo red handed licking his fingers and enjoying his

neighbours soup.
For a nation that has lost all its sense of National Pride to witness

this show of desperation on the front pages of our national dailies

reveals that the recession is real and not just a word.

While the abducted children from the Lagos Model School Ibeju Lekki,

remain in captivity because their parents are not of the caliber of a

CBN Governor or Minister. One prays that these innocent children don't

end up like the Chibok girls whose destiny is now akin to canon

fodder, pawns in a game of chicken between the Government and Boko

And as the nation dips further into recession the cry of Oh Lord give

us our daily bread is only about to get louder as the Master Bakers

Association of Nigeria have announced that as from next week the price

of bread is going to double to reflect a mark up in the price of

As a bag of sugar rises from N7,000 to N19,000, Butter from N4,200 to

N12,000, Yeast from N10,500 toN17,500 and flour from N9,500 to 12,700;

Bread is about to become the meal of only the tin-gods as the common

man can only hope to dream that manna from heaven will fall once

And I ask those at the helm of Government that I know, "For how long

will this insanity continue?" And the only answers I get are

"Nigerians should be patient"
"It is not our fault so blame the looting spree of past leaders".

But a time frame to reverse these misdeeds seems not feasible. No one

wants to commit precious time and energy towards working with a

deadline. For even the leadership seem overwhelmed by the avalanche of

problems as the nation deconstructs.
September has come and gone yet the National School Feeding Program

promised by the Government is yet to commence.
How can a people have pride in its leadership when the simplest of all

social responsibility of giving food to school children is placed

amongst the backbenchers. And the deafening silence over the failure

to commence this programme speaks more to the enlightened that this is

a regime that has failed to realized that time is of the essence and

the need to keep to schedule is paramount.
Which employee will live to see his job remain for another day having

missed countless deadlines amidst no explanations to a litany of

flimsy excuses.
Time is running out and all we have to show for 17 months of a Buhari

regime are a panel beaten budget, a battered Naira and an Almighty

Recession. These are the economic highpoints that has robbed Nigerians

of their hope of a better tomorrow.
And now to rob us of the little pride we have might be the last straw

that breaks the camel's back.
For a Minister to have the gall to pronounce that the leading

contender to take over the concession of the Nation's Airports is a

Turkish firm is a slap in the face of every Nigerian alive considering

the inhumane treatment dished out to over 100 Nigerian Students who

were recently deported from Turkey.
Turkey should be wiped off the lips of every Nigerian Government

official alive after they arrested and detained Nigerian students

labelling them coup plotters and other unprintable names just because

the Turkish Government is locked in an orgy of uncertainty following

the recent failed coup attempt.
But one wonders if it was only Nigerians attending this so called coup

plotting University, held as a Gullenist enclave. Did the British and

American Nationals receive similar treatment or this treatment of

locking away some Black Monkeys in a cage without food or water was

preserved for only the Nigerians?
But a country that has lost all sense of National pride and is

oppressed by the cold hands of a recession now dances naked before its

enemies for the belief is we have no choice and are humble servants of

the lighter skinned men be they Indian, Lebanese , Turkish or Chinese.

We are lesser mortals who can sell our birthright for a mess of

porridge because we are in a recession.
Nigerians are all watching this drama unfold as this is the first true

test of this regime's diplomatic credentials and with their

performance so far its doubtful if they have won over any new

To rob a people of their pride is a prelude to disaster. They become

desperate and easily malleable in the hands of agent provocateurs.

Hence to go dancing around the Turks who obviously love our money but

don't like our colour of skin is sinking too low for even in a

recession a begger can be a chooser.
Restore pride to the Nation. Protect our Naira from speculators and

middlemen. Give Nigerians a reason to keep on living and infuse them

with hope for a brighter future.
Employ more technocrats and mentors of men and less career politicians

whose only inkling of the crisis the nation is in is dragging a

parochial debate over who coined the phrase "change begins with me" as

if this phrase is going to put food in the mouths of Nigeria and

restore respect to our citizens in foreign lands.
This lesson is for the leadership of Nigeria.
Restore National pride to the people or be ready for the fall out from

the disillusionment of a people for too long. End the debasement of

Nigerians in the hands of foreigners both at home and abroad thus the

loyalty of the people to its leadership shall be strengthened.

Time is of an essence but the foot dragging continues as the recession

marches on

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