Psychic Attack

Those wishing to understand the nature of man should come to the true knowledge of spiritual reality. Now, I have decided to look into serious aspects of life- psychic attack. So many people do not know how to deal with this. Psychic attack is the act of inflicting injury or death by one person on another without having any contact.

It is of note however that majority of people make use of demonic but elemental forces in dealing with their fellow men. Elemental force is an invisible power (that can function as a demon) which operates in or moves nature or man to activity. In science, the Elemental forces form the foundation of physics and Chemistry. There are two types of Elemental forces namely, the elemental force from the great depth of the Elemental Kingdom and the artificial Element: the former is God-made-nature, while the later is man- made.

An artificial Elemental is created when a person or group of persons engage in continual visualization and concentration on an object on which a strong emotion is felt. Such concentration or intensification of thought produces what is known as thought form. Once it is successfully built, the thought form becomes “ensouled” by an Elemental “essence” which is capable of independent existence outside the consciousness of its creator or creators. Let it be emphasized here that the moment such thought is ‘ensouled’ by an elemental essence, any psychic entity can use it to function in various ways.

The original elemental forces have their abodes in four quarters of the earth in accordance with higher esoteric tradition. Again every elemental “being” is blind. This blindness should not be understood in the light of the physical lost of sight; no! The blindness here simply shows that they are like robot and zombie, they are always asleep. The only language they can understand (if language is the right word) is that of symbols or early morning words. Early morning words can stimulate and propel them into action.

For the good purpose of clarity, these elementals, all come under the supervision of Angels of light or that of darkness. Some people consciously or unconsciously come in contact with these blind forces through their mind as a result bring upon themselves untold hardship, fear, and other related evils which they later complain.

Any demonic entity cannot take over a body unless an individual gives way for it, by abandoning the body through involvement in addictive, obsessive, or compulsive patterns. Suicide attempts also open the body to possession by some entities. The demonic entity has the right to take over anybody’s body and use same as play ground for demonic activities. If the entity that has taken over the body that likes drinking or fornication, the moment he takes over the body, the person starts drinking or fornicating.

Demonic possession does not operate from the area of love, the psychic entities use people to their (own) master’s advantage. The demon is not at the moment punished for doing this, rather the person he has possessed shares the responsibility of whatever the demon does. The duty of any demon in any person’s life, depends on the evolution of the entity. The entity can live on any level’, conscious, sub-concious, obsessive, compulsive or possessive. These levels are in each of us and the entity comes in on the level that is accessible.

These psychic entities could come from the astral causal, mental or etheric realm. Some fortune-tellers or mediums or native doctors would say that their guides –messengers come from either of the realms and may call them masters. Sometimes also these demons are very smart they may take over familiar forms and misrepresent themselves to be your uncle or late father in order to consolidate their manipulation upon your life. Demons can use information you release in the physical unite of existence to manipulate and delay your success. An entity may also be a personality from the astral level coming to hangout with some people in order to enslave and dominate them too.

The reader should know that there is a body in man which is always seen in the dream world which is also called the etheric body in the mystical parlance. This is like the soul body, which is the inner core of the physical body. This body is the internal “shell” that holds the physical body together. For us to exist as beings on earth the etheric body must be intact. This body is the middleman between the physical body and the two other bodies (soul and spirit) of man. If anything affects it adversely, (as it can happen) it lets loose its grip on the physical body and this allows the mental and spiritual bodies to begin their inward journey back home-Death occurs.

This is the body we see in the dream world from time to time. If you have ever heard of the “out” of the body experience “it is the etheric body that is functioning to allow anybody involved have such experience. This body operates very well when all the physical senses are closed down either by deliberate action, sleep or unconsciously. As a Christian, I mean a born again, spirit filled child of God, if you abide in Christ righteousness, your etheric body will be impenetrable as a result no attack of the enemy can tear you into pieces. If the etheric body of any person that is not rooted in Christ is tampered with when he/she is asleep, it could result to death.

So many people have been attacked in the realm of the spirit during sleep. When we sleep our astral or etheric (soul body) more into higher realm of the spirit world, if enemies (agents of darkness) succeed to poison anybody in the spirit, it must manifest in the physical due to the relationship between the realm. If the poison is not removed through serious prayers, the person’s body will begin to disintegrate and it may result to physical death. The Bible says, “the wicked watches the righteous, and seeks to slay him” ps. 37:32.

Recently a young lady called me and said that she was attacked on the dream; consequently she was forced by some men to drink a particular substance. She drank it and when she woke up she started having serious stomach problem that finally snowballed into serious swollen stomach. She has gone to many hospitals yet the problem resisted every medical treatment hence it was a serious psychic attack. When she contacted me on phone, I recommended my anointing oil to her, she used it and prayed and fasted as she was instructed. Two weeks thereafter, she excreted something that looks like palm- carnel oil. Her stomach became very normal and healed. This is the nature of another psychic attack.

If anyone experience anything of this nature in his dreams, the one should immediately start praying for only prayers and proper meditation upon God’s word together with singing praises to God, would heal and deliver the person. Should anyone find himself killed in the dream world, unless quick spiritual steps are taken to arrest the situation, the one would soon die. This brings us to some diseases which worry the body which medical doctors may find very difficult or impossible to detect in the physical body. Such diseases are called etheric/psychic disease because they are located in the etheric body.

You may have seen a case of someone who is very much sick and seriously dying, yet laboratory result from all indication shows that the person is not sick at all; yet the person is dying. I have handled so many cases of such nature.

Doctors and medical lab scientists run into trouble here. Unfortunately, our modern science is yet to direct their research into this aspect of life hence they do not know about this subtle body called etheric body. Until we become ready to be serious with higher research, any disease that enters man through the etheric body is not likely to be cured by drugs prepared by physicians.

In the inner world, someone could be raped. If one is raped in the spiritual realm, it would result to many ugly occurrences. Why is it that medical research has not found permanent solution to sickness like cancer, hypertension, diabetes to mention but a few?

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