The Birth Of Nigeria

By Gabla Godwin

White strips of green
Leaves on a black plant
Were blessed with
Freedom years ago
The tears of they who are black
Formed the rivers of they
who are white
The sweat of they who are black
Nursed the walls of
They who are white.....
The calm yet heavy wind of change
Blew through the land of
The green pandas
They who were black
Wanted to own their sweat
The eyes of they who are white
Shone with bitterness and Pain
They who are black
had the lion's heart
Their arms were blocks
of unending strength
their brains were sharp chisels
that carved a beautiful future...
Yes! It was years ago...
Decades ago..
Half a century ago..
Yes! It was 56 years ago
When the future
Of a great nation Was birthed.
Happy birthday, Nigeria!
A country filled with rich culture and wonderful people.

To all my Nigerian Friends here, I say Happy Independence Day and may your nation grow from strength to strength as we foster international peace and unity.