Ambassador Obitex: An Exceptional H2i Prime Minister with Progressive Mindset

“Success is the product of hardwork in one’s life”.-Godday Odidi

Today, Ambassador Obitex Emmanuel is one of the fastest growing H2i members whose pedigree is worthy of emulation when it comes to multi-level marketing network in Africa and Nigeria.

For over time, Ambassador Obitex has proved to young minds that hardwork and consistency is the product of success in life. He is one young man who had suffered hard times over the years while living in Ajegunle city but today Obitex has emerged as the current Prime Minister of H21.

For anyone to rise to this noble stage, it means hardwork and determination plays a great role in his passion. Though, his wife was the first to emerge as the Prime minister on the Lagos award, 4th edition, Saturday 18th, June 2016.

In helping hands international, stages are followed to reach one’s success in this multi-level marketing network founded by Mrs.Luzviminda Mac-Elvis and Co-founded by Dr.Ramiel Policarpio.Due to dint of hardwork,Obitex moved from stage1(2X2 Matrix) Associate to stage 2(2X5) Matrix) Master to Stage3(2X5)Matrix Super master to Stage4(2X5)Matrix) Minister and now Stage 5(2X2)Matrix) Prime Minister.

Ambassador Obitex has become a proverbial cat with nine lives in helping hands international bringing network business to fore. He believes that economic recession has solution and only helping hands international can bring that hope for Nigerian people now.

His exceptional dexterity in marketing network is worthy of emulation and an icon indeed! Again, Ambassador Ifeoma Ngoka Obitex, popularly called by friends and admirers as ify4Life must be commended for bringing her beloved husband to limelight who introduced him to this creative network business.Obitex taught her wife how to succeed in network business and the marital network business has become a mega testimony of up and coming helping hands international members.

Finally, Ambassador Obitex has proved to the world that there is trust in helping hands international and every active member must put his or her effort in reaching such enviable position that gives life a meaningful thought. His rise to prime minister was not just a piece-meal but creativity plays fast on him.Obitex grew up in Ajegunle but never allowed his background to determine his goal on earth. He is the South-West and Lagos co-ordinator of helping hands international, chairman of Hope Alive Concept, CEO African Child Towers Ventures and remains a viable leader with integrity.

Godday Odidi
Gabrio Voice Magazine

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