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Unleashed: A New Paradigm of African Trade With the World"

By Eron Henry
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After 30 years of business experience and having done extensive research, Akhile contends that regional and international trade hold the best option to lift African countries out of their long-term economic malaise. He looks at the successes of East Asian economies and makes the case that African economies can be just as successful if the two main problems facing Africa are addressed: corruption and weak governance.

The book received endorsements from a number of noted economists, including Justin Yifu Lin, former Chief Economist of the World Bank. Lin declared that “this book is a must read for anyone who is concerned about poverty reduction and prosperity in Africa.” The book is “full of practical insights about how to make such quick wins happened in Africa.”

Stephen Chan, a professor of international relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, England, described Unleashed“as a book of compelling honesty but great optimism. It proposes a vision that overturns a long history of pessimism about Africa, and deserves to be read by policymakers and investors globally.”

" A good coat takes the pride of the wearer and the maker " By Omage Moses Aigboje .
By: Omage Moses Aigboje