PDP crisis: We're ready for rational, attainable reconciliation – Makarfi

By The Citizen

The Chairman of the Caretaker Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmed Makarfi has stated that despite the problem being faced by the party, it will come out‎ stronger.

In a meeting with correspondents in Abuja yesterday evening, Senator Makarfi said as leaders of the caretaker committee, they are ready for reconciliation that is 'rational‎ and attainable'

'We have nothing to fear. We are going through our baptism now but we will come out stronger.

We are doing everything possible to reconcile based on things that are attainable, rational. Even if you are victorious in court you will come back to reconcile with your party men. We are not setting any target. We are not representing ourselves. We are representing the party. Whatever the party want we will give' he said.

Speaking on the forthcoming election in Edo State, Senator Makarfi said in a free and fair election, the party was sure of victory.

'No PDP member in Edo has been heard or seen campaigning for APC. That should assure you that we are on course and we are confident that if a free and fair election holds,  we are going to be victorious' he said.

He added that despite the disagreements in the party, 'we on this side are open to reconciliation that is open to flexibility. Overwhelming view of majority cannot be ignored. The minority too cannot be ignored to achieve reasonable reconciliation' he said