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Aviation: 2005/2006 plane crashes in Nigeria were planned, says Fani-Kayode

By The Citizen
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Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode alleged, in a Facebook post yesterday, that the five plane crashes that occurred between 2005 and 2006 were 'man-made and planned' and that the victims were sacrifices.

'Most of our leaders are not human. They are what Mr. David Icke, the famous British historian and public speaker, described as 'hybrids' and 'reptilians' working for a hidden hand and some very dark and sinister forces.'

'It is in that context that you can understand their exceptional callousness. They are cold-blooded reptiles and certified psycopaths.'

He added that the misery behind the crashes between 2005-2006 were for sacrifice.

'Between 2005 and 2006, just before I was redeployed as minister to the Ministry of Aviation, there were five plane crashes in Nigeria in one year.

'Four hundred and fifty-three  innocent souls perished in those crashes in that year alone. All of them were man-made and planned. They were sacrifices.

'In one case a bomb was planted on the plane. I know this because I took over as minister and stopped it. I had access to all the reports, particularly the American NTSB reports. 'I wrote to the powers that be, and demanded an international investigation only to find out that they were involved too.

'I was asked to drop it, in very clear and almost threatening terms. However, I told the Senate Aviation Committee in 2008, at a public hearing, what my views were.

'I spoke about a blood cult in the aviation sector that derived their power from causing crashes. Because of my testimony at the Senate, I became an enemy of the entire system.

'From being their darling and blue-eyed boy, I became their mortal enemy overnight because I refused to guard their secrets.

'They forgot I am a true believer and child of the Living God. I cannot be part of their evil. Since then they have hated me and tried to destroy and discredit me in more ways than one, but God has been with me. Members of the public know nothing about their political leaders. And it is worldwide phenomenon.

'There is a grand conspiracy to establish a new world order and most of these world leaders are just puppets of the illuminati, paving the way for the Anti-Christ. All you have to do is to be in the inner circles of power for one hour to know that these creatures are not human. They are cold, unfeeling and callous. They kill, maim and destroy at the drop of a hat.

'There are many secrets that some of us will carry to the grave. They say knowledge is power and ignorance comes with a very heavy price and devastating consequences.

'This matter is for developed and enlightened minds, and sadly beyond most people. The so-called Islamic agenda in Nigeria and elsewhere is obvious and we are here fighting it day and night risking life, liberty and limb.

'The question is, who is behind it and why? What is the end game? The motto of a small branch of the illuminati tree known as the Freemasons is 'out of chaos comes order'. It follows that theirs is to first create chaos from country to country, and then to establish their 'new world order'. - The Sun.