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READ The 5 Types Of s*x Drive

By timesofindia
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If you are one of those who rarely feels excited about the idea of s*x, while your partner is always up for some action in bed, it’s time to get your s*x drive checked…

When it comes to s*x, couples seem to have different expectations from each other. Be it the way they wish to indulge, or the way they wish to enjoy; most of the time couples seem to have completely different levels of s*xual drive. However, the ultimate goal is seeking pleasure and that is all that matters. To develop better s*xual compatibility , one must know what type of s*x drive you have.Here are a few common s*x drives that most people boast of…

These people need lovemaking to cope up with life -to make them happy , cheer them up when under pressure, make up for a bad day or fight -basically to serve as their primary stress reliever. They are the ones who want to have s*x quite regularly , since it works for them as exercise, yoga or meditation would for other people. They do not indulge in any other activity as a stress-reliever, since they think s*x is the only thing that works for them.

They are the most fussy people, they are extremely picky and particular about the things that arouse them. They are all about details and derive pleasure from only a few things and expect their partner to master these tactics. Those with persistent s*x drive have weird s*xual fantasies which are usually inspired from some thing they have seen or read. They are probably the most thrilling partners as their s*x drive will make sure you never get bored of the act.

These people are selfish and only think about self-satisfaction; they believe they deserve to get whatever they want in the bedroom. They always like to have it their way and only think about their personal pleasure. They make sure that their partners value their desires more than their own, and are unlikely to compromise. They can usually get impatient if their desires are not fulfilled.

Some people might develop the disinterested s*x drive due to stress -from work, family , relationships. The issue with this particular s*x drive is that it does not normalise after things get better and situations improve. Most of them lose their confidence in their s*xual abilities and no longer understand their wants; some of them even ignore their s*xual wants since they feel other things are more important. Even if their partner tries to initiate any sort of physical contact, they try to avoid them. They also can be termed as detached as they are no longer into s*xual pleasures. They might sometimes give in to their partner’s insistence, but never initiate the act.

These people believe in being emotionally connected to each other while having s*x; in fact the physical connection is secondary . For sensual lovers, s*x is the way to develop their relationship (chemistry) with their partners. They never force themselves or constantly believe in coaxing their partner to have s*x. They are extremely accommodating and care about their partner’s feelings and works towards their involvement in the act than just their physical presence. They will never make an attempt to get intimate, if they feel disconnected.

Source: timesofindia