Jetta Amata's Amazing Budget

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Director extraordinaire Jetta Amata only earlier this year concluded production on the first Nigerian movie to be shot on 35mm in more than 30 years.
The movie 'Amazing Grace' was shot with a whooping N110 million budget on location in Cross Rivers, making it the most expensive Nigerian movie ever made.

Because 35mm is not edited in Nigeria, Jetta had to do all the editing in the U.K sending shots for the day to the UK immediately to be checked for errors. The film stars Nick Moran and Fred Amata among others. Amazing Grace would open in theaters in November, with the world premier in Nigeria and openings in various parts of the world shortly after.

Amata has been able to sign a deal with an international cinema distribution company to distribute the film. Amazing Grace is an epic movie based on the origin of the popular church hymn of the same title. It is actually amazing that the songs theme originated from Nigeria during the slave trade era. Jetta tells us just how it happened