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Why There Is Hunger On The Streets Of Akwa Ibom

By Cavil Inwang
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Growing up as a younger man, on the streets of Uyo, I had already acquired experience a little too vast for my age. As at 2008, I started work as a phone repair Engineer/technician at the popular Ibom Plaza. During this period, I had my initiation into the 'Street' business experience.

You will agree with me that today's Akwa Ibom is not the same as yesterday's.

Back then I was so discouraged by peers, friends, cousins, and relationships who probably thought I was stooping too low to become a road side 'Phone Repairer'

But I never gave up, because I was determined to make a difference, have always wished to promote the reputation of my State, Akwa Ibom, in whatever way I could, including offering solutions that were difficult to come by.

I saw people who were like me, who had the same enthusiasm, some more determined than I was.

Now, how did we get here? Today we no longer use our hands to work; we are not ready to sacrifice; to follow instructions, be loyal, dedicated and committed.

We've, lost guts for sincerity and our conscience has grown weed, we now rely on Living a lie and trading falsehood for plates of breakfast.

Our success and hope are now based on the promises of mankind. We've betrayed the pledge of our national anthem.

The love and fear of God have all departed from us, as we now drug ourselves with opium served by agents who tell us we are good to go when we are not even ready.

Coming generations are unlucky and, yet unborn, are disappointed by our actions and inactions. Trust me, our parental upbringing is wailing for more attention.

The Youth plays a very important role in the society, but in Akwa Ibom that role has lost it value. Every Youth you see making it, can attribute his success to governments and Politicans.

This has to stop, we have to wake up and realize that a system built to divide, impoverish and destroy us cannot stand if we do.

We must apprehend, disarm and deescalate this negative mindset of ours. We've all been given a package to sell, how ready are we to market this package?

Governor Udom Emmanuel has come to deliver good governance in the fertile ground of Akwa Ibom State. It will take our collective effort to promote, discuss, defend, support and uphold the economic importance of Akwa Ibom State to the world and to prospective investors, irrespective of your political affiliation.

Numerous milestones have been set up, investors have been contacted, lands purchased, some given, ground breakings done. But the street sector finds itself missing in the scheme of programmes.

The street has an important role to play in all this, let's the note; a role that can never be over emphasized, and which will eventually spice up the expected boom in our economy.

Now this goes to those of you who think the burden of the brutalized is to comfort the bystander, we say NO to your tendencies. If you have no interest in the distribution of meaningful opportunities for the Youth, then do not make suggestions for those who do. Sit down.

While there's alarming slack in zest among young people, there's hunger on the streets. And you do understand what hunger can birth, don't you.

We are done watching where young voices are no longer recognized in public. Our few years of valuable experience, our opinions are neglected and we ourselves abandoned by policy makers - needed for war only - our talents often cartigorized as Local, ghettolized and demeaned, and then the category called Mature trying us on like customes before discarding our bodies like rotten onions. There's an end to all this. And the revolution has already begun.

What we see in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Jo’burg has been growing within restless souls here in Akwa Ibom State. If you're intent on watching, you won't be disappointed. Give us a little time.

I would rather that the society, and those who pull the rings in the society, take our side in this discourse. Encourage us, because Eyen Owong Akpon - the Child has grown.

Cavil Inwang is a Blogger/Digital Marketing Consultant based in Uyo, can be reached on 07037188168.

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